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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by AMD_RULES, Jun 23, 2008.


    AMD_RULES Addicted to LI Member

    Howdy all!
    I'm running a Buffalo WHR-HP-54G with Tomato v1.19. I would
    like to possibly setup a "cloud" using WDS mode and I have a few questions.

    1. Can I use another brand router in WDS mode with my Buffalo Router such as the Linksys WRT54GL?
    2. About how far apart can the routers be from each other in WDS mode?
    3. Is there any Content Filter Mod available for Tomato?

    Thanks a lot guys! :smile:
  2. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    1) I have not done so myself, but other people have connected Buffalos to WRTs. If you also run Tomato on the WRT, you are effectively connecting Tomato to Tomato - the hardware does not matter.

    2) WDS radio coverage have the same range as normal client-to-AP comms. The antennas you use has the final say.

    3) Don't know if there is a mod for content filtering, but you can set up your own iptables rules to your liking, which could prevent/grant access to certain web sites, IPs, or ports. You can also go one step further with the L7 protocols built into Tomato.

    AMD_RULES Addicted to LI Member

    I'm not much of a wireless Guru, but how about if the Linksys WRT54GL has two 7dBi antennas and the Buffalo has one 7dBi antenna and the two are placed about 50ft apart?
  4. LLigetfa

    LLigetfa LI Guru Member

    That would depend on what occupies that 50 feet of space between them. A 7dBi antenna should be able to cover up tp a 250 foot radius so I don't why you would need two APs within 50 feet of each other.
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