WDS Tomato-Ed Access Point with Original firmware Linksys ADSL2+ Gateway

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by wolverex, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. wolverex

    wolverex Addicted to LI Member

    As the title suggests, is it possible to WDS a Linksys ADSL2+ Gateway (Wireless Router built with Modem) such as WAG54G2 or WAG160N with Original Linksys Firmware with an access point that has been flashed with Tomato?

    So originally:

    Linksys ADSL2+ Gateway with Linksys firmware

    Add to network:

    Linksys WRT54G with Tomato firmware via WDS

    Is this possible?
  2. fineghal

    fineghal LI Guru Member

    No reason it shouldn't. As I recall you'll need to manually assign your gateways MAC address for tomato to connect to it - and last I knew there were some protocol issues. It worked with WPA but not WPA2 etc.

    Might check the wiki on that.

    After looking at my configs - Router 1 (Gateway/Access Point) is set up as AP + WDS, router 2 is a wireless ethernet bridge connecting my non-wireless desktop to the network.

    Thinking about it - I'm not even sure you'll need to mess with the gateway settings, you should be able to just use the wireless to ethernet bridge.

    As a sidenote: I only have 1 comp linked up to router 2, I do not know if there are any limitations on number of connections to the bridge.

    After checking the polarcloud faq, WDS can for sure be used for multiple connections.
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