Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by cassetti, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. cassetti

    cassetti LI Guru Member

    Here's the thing - i'm very new to hyperwrt + thibor

    I have a wireless wrt54g router - version 3 or 4 - and i recently got a dead wrt54g version 1 from my rents - i replaced the PSU and its good to go.

    I installed hyperwrt on it - and i want to use it.

    I have a cable modem connected to the main router that is used for wireless and wired connections.

    I want to hook the other router up in the basement - and hook up my roommate to it.

    Ideally - i would love to have it act as a hub - with wirelss and wired connections - to boost up the coverage - but also allow him to access teh network - i'm too cheap to buy my roomate a wireless card - so i'm going to use the router and hook it up by ethernet to his computer

    What do i want - and where is the best and easiest site to read this.

  2. RonWessels

    RonWessels Network Guru Member

    If you set up the basement router as a WET connection, you can connect the basement computer to one of the LAN ports and have a setup similar to if the basement computer had a wireless card. Here, the basement router is acting as a client only. It will not accept wireless clients.

    If you set up the basement router as a WDS connection and your upstairs router as WDS+AP (you'll also want to set the WDS mode to "Link with the following devices" where each router has the other router's wireless MAC address), you'll have a dedicated connection wireless connection between the upstairs and downstairs router, with your upstairs router (only) providing wireless access for other wireless clients.

    If you set both your basement and upstairs routers as WDS+AP (set the WDS mode as above), in addition to the features above, your downstairs router will also provide wireless access, relaying it to the upstairs router wirelessly. This will, however, halve the wireless throughput rate, since the downstairs router must receive and re-transmit every packet it receives.
  3. cassetti

    cassetti LI Guru Member

    So i have to type in the mac address manually? ok - i was confuddled about that

    And as far as halfing the output

    that would only be if you are near that router correct?

    I don't give two craps about him - the people who would be connecting to that router would be people who don't use the net to the max

    I am a huge bandwith hog.

    thats why i had the cable go directly to my room - and then split off - i have the cleanest signal in the house going to my modem directly.
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