WDS with Airport Express

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by doctorcilantro, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. doctorcilantro

    doctorcilantro LI Guru Member

    Hi folks,

    Can someone shine some light on this topic for me.

    I am using the newest WRT firmware after switching from Thibor and I have things working okay; the airport as remote base station.

    BUT, I'm unsure if things are set up properly because on my laptop's Linksys Site Survey I see two newtworks of the same name. I have named the SSIDs the same, same password, same channel, but each has its own MAC address. One is for the airport and the other the wireless MAC id of the router. I was assuming I would just see one SSID as the remote base station would "extend" my network. I have this nagging feeling like there are literally two networks that are not forming one big network. The wrt firmware has a lazy WDS setting, Access Point Client, Client Bridge etc. whereas the Thibor had Access Point, Access Point & WDS, WDS, Client etc. When I take the laptop near the aiport the signal does bump up greatly so maybe things are setup okay. All the FAQs, posts, and guides on the net to clarify how things should "look" or behave once set up. Should I be seeing two MAC IDs as two sites?

    The airport is at the front of the house, so I am going to test and assume that if I walk out the front door, the laptop will use the airport signal as the 54gs router signal fades away.

  2. doctorcilantro

    doctorcilantro LI Guru Member

    bump....no one?

  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    You will see two since the two routers are both broadcasting the same info but with two different mac addresses.

    does the site survey tool show signal strength as well? one should be lower than the other depending on where you are located to the routers
  4. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    As Toxic mentioned, WDS means "one big net", but your card would still only connect to one AP at a time. If both devices are WDS/AP enabled, you SHOULD see the 2 of them as seperate APs. Your card's driver should make a call when the connected signal gets too low, to switch over to the other AP.

    Go into dd-wrt's status page, and you should see at least 2 devices when your card is connected to the WRT - your card, and the other AP. If the Airport Express has similar functionality, it should show only the WRT. If you now move to where your card switches over to the Airport, the WRT should no longer show your card, while the Airport should.
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