WDS with HyperWRT v2.1b1

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Toxic, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. jimmycrazy

    jimmycrazy Guest

    how to connect a wrt54g and xyz-accesspoint

    is it also possible to connect/link one wrt54g and a xyz-accesspoint? i tried but it did'nt work. hope somebody can help me. best regards jimmy
  2. virgil

    virgil Network Guru Member

    mfer and traveller have similiar procedures which involve something like:

    or its CLI equivalent.

    Now agensler describes a procedure here that involves doing this on WRT54G(B) only and not on (A)

    Q - What is the impact of his not applying such to WRT54G(A) ?
    - is it problems with incorrect power sequencing?
    - any routing issues between A to B?
  3. virgil

    virgil Network Guru Member

    Hmm - it seems, based on my tests, that by not applying this to the main router i.e. WRT54G(A)

    then devices connected to WRT54G(A) are not able to discover WRT54G(B) or anything connected to it, unless a device from WRT54G(B) has initiated a connection to WRT54G(A).
  4. bigrig

    bigrig Network Guru Member

    Gerds -

    Thanks for your input. I'm trying to get WDS working on two WRT54GS's running Thibor 201105. I was trying to use WPA2-TKIP with no success. After reading your post, I set both to WDS-AP, WEP encryption, and bridge restricted to their wireless MAC addresses. All seems to be working now, without any script entries. I guess WEP is all we can use with WRT54GS?? :cry:


  5. sfahr

    sfahr Guest

    WRT54G v5 and WRT54GS with WDS under HYPERWRT2.1b1 Thibor

    Hi guys,
    new version vew problem!
    I got a WRT54G v5 by mistake and had a WRT54GS. The question now is, can I still use the WRT54G v5, attached to the Modem to pass the signal via WDS (or also STA Client) to the WRT54gS. The setup is as follows:

    Modem --- WRT54Gv5 <--WDS--> WRT54GS

    I tried the instructions from http://www.genslernet.com/hyperwrt/ but it did not work. The problem is I cannot edit the nvram in v5 (or can I). So, is there any possibility to still get this setup running?
    Thanx guys. Until here you already helped a lot!

    I know, the ultimate solution is to dump the v5 and get an older version....
  6. gerds2001

    gerds2001 Network Guru Member


    thanks for reading the whole story :D I was desperate to get it running and only partially succeded. Some people got the WDS link working even with WPA but all of them had the same boxes talkink to each other. My setup is a little different, since I have a WRT54GS talking to a WRT54G. Both boxes run modyfied versions of the Hyperwrt software, but the software is not exactly the same. Maybe there is an interworking issue between the different software versions, who knows.

    My conclusion is, that it did not work for me and I will live with the setup I have right now for the time being (NEVER change a running system). A friend of mine sits at the other end of the WDS connection and she gets nervous when I start tinkering with the boxes again since this means no Internet for her :thumbdown:

    On the other hand, I read in another thread that Tofu fixed an issue with WDS and WPA/WPA2. Maybe I am lucky and it works out, who knows.....

  7. nitro-

    nitro- Network Guru Member

    wds-ap tkip bug

    tofu 11 works with wds-ap and tkip, but after 20h the wlan clients loses the connection. After a reboot it works fine...
  8. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    How to configure HyperWRT 2.1b1 with WDS - Version 2.0. Thanks to agensler for this guide.


    You'll need to infer what needs to be done with Tofu or Thibor HyperWRT versions.

  9. I followed the instructions from http://www.genslernet.com/hyperwrt/ to the letter v5 as the master & v2.2 with the latest beta load as the slave, but no luck any help would be appreciated. Christmas is coming and I promised my daughters I'd have their new desk setup in the basement. Serves me right for waiting until the last minute ;-)
  10. zaphod

    zaphod Network Guru Member

    Hi Folks,

    after testing a lot with wds settings and encryption this is my final way to get wds working with wpa (aes) psk:

    - you got 2 WRT54GS

    - on the first one:

    erase nvram; reboot
    then factory defaultson
    then flash the new thibor11 firmware (21122005)
    after flashing set to factory defaults
    set wireless to g-only
    then set up wireless security to wpa(aes) psk
    then set the wireless mode to wds-ap

    - on the second router:

    same procedure as above
    after last reboot set the bridge restrict to enabled and paste the
    mac from the first router (the wlan-mac) into the field.

    after this i got a stabe wds-link encrypted with wpa. after rebooting a machine the wds-link come back to live automaticly.

    hope that helps all guys with problems with the wpa security with wds


  11. Marko44

    Marko44 Network Guru Member

    Re: WDS accepts clients?

    Someone earlier in this thread wrote:

    "If you set up both routers on the same channel and give both the same SSID, you will be able to freely roam throughout the covered area. The client will associate with whichever AP has the better signal."

    How do you know which AP your client is associating with if the SSIDs are identical on both routers? I tried using both the Windows config util and the Netgear util. that came with the PC card. I'm not able to see MACs with either util.

    BTW: Thanks for all the info on this site. I was just able to get two WRT54G routers running WDS/WPA successfully. :thumb:
  12. scotkb

    scotkb Network Guru Member

    I look in the device list on the status page of the router and it shows an RSSI value when a wireless client is connected. The other router may show it also, but without the RSSI value.
  13. Marko44

    Marko44 Network Guru Member

    That works great . . . thanks!
  14. 3dogs

    3dogs Network Guru Member

    I want to know if WDS (or WDS in AP mode) will provide any benefits over my current setup and what risks there may be.

    I'm using three WRT54G running HyperWRT tofu12 and one WAP54G running HyperWAP 2.8. The WAP54G is acting as a repeater and the WRT54Gs are acting as APs. One of the WRT54Gs is the router too. All have the same SSID. I'm probably leaving out some important details, but I'm not sure what the issues are yet.

  15. agraham

    agraham Network Guru Member

    Well I finally got WDS+WPA working between two WRT54Gs with HyperWRT 2.1b1 +tofu13c and here's how I did it:

    On the box that's uplinked to the ADSL modem:
    Set SSID, Channel, WPA
    Set Wireless Mode to Access Point + WDS
    Set Link With the Following to xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx, the wireless MAC of the remote box

    On the remote box:
    Change Internet Connection Type to Disabled
    Change Local IP Address to
    Change LAN Gateway to
    Change LAN DNS to
    At this point you'll need to release and renew your computer's DHCP lease to contact the box again at
    Set SSID, Channel and WPA the same as the uplinked box
    Set Wireless Mode to Access Point + WDS
    Set Link With the Following to the uplinked box's MAC
    Disable DHCP

    Reboot both boxes. Actually it worked for me without rebooting, but it can't hurt.
    Release and renew the IPs of machines connected to the remote box - they should get IPs from the uplinked box's DHCP server.

    Don't worry if the remote box doesn't have an IP Address on the status page; it's not supposed to. To check if they are connected by WDS, look in the device list for "wds0.49153" or something like that.

    My problem for the longest time was not disabling the WAN port on the remote box. I didn't hear any mention in this thread that that was necessary, but the instant I did it WDS started working perfectly.
  16. galileo2000

    galileo2000 Network Guru Member


    Is this true that WDS will cut half of 802.11g bandwith? Please confirm or deny, thank you.
  17. jksmurf

    jksmurf Network Guru Member


    I don't have these two configured for the remote but still get a WDS connection .... Could you tell me (a newbie) the advantage of setting these like this?

  18. galileo2000

    galileo2000 Network Guru Member

    WDS works perfectly for me now with two WRT54GL and Thibor14.

    No performance degradation whatsoever.

    Use WPA Personal TKIP as security key.

    Firewall is disabled.

    I am happy!!
  19. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    dsl ---> wrt54gs v4 <-wds/wep-> wrt54gv 2

    I have configured the above connection quite successfuly. :thumbup: my problem is this: :confused:

    both routers are running Thibor 15c

    I have tried G-only and mixed...

    with WPA-AES(or TKIP) and


    I can verify the connection with the wl wds commands in telnet (SSH) and I see the connection in the status - device list...

    but I can not ping rtr b from a wired client on A and I can not ping router A from a wired client on router B...

    A wired client on router B has no internet

    I have followed the orginal instructions given at the begining of this thread as well a couple other tips I found as I was reading through this thread.

    including the start scripts

    wl lazywds 0
    wl wds AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA

    wl lazywds 0
    wl wds BB:BB:BB:BB:BB:BB

    afterburner is running (I assume as I have not attempted to turn it off- and I prefer to leav it on)

    any help would be great...
  20. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    an update to the above post... about my wds... I able to connect/ping/surf etc. with WPA-AES. I can use TKIP... but my Mac laptop won't connect...

    (I know this is of topic...
    What is the difference: WPA vs WPA2 )

    ...is WPA-AES strong enough?
  21. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  22. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    WDS and WPA/WPA2/(WEP)

    Thanks Toxic... I was actually looking at the setup again, and noticed it's using TKIP as my PowerBook wouldn't connect with AES... I do understand the inadeaquacies of WEP, I thought WPA solved all that but according to that write up(thanks for the link) it only partialy fixes it. It would stand to reason that just as any other password a simple, easy to remeber "WORD" is probably insufficient and should be as complex as any other security (or stronger)

    my WDS is now fully functional... no disconnects -one week and counting

    one tip I would like to pass on to others... if you want to use Mac filtering, you will have to duplicate this list on all routers in your network. (don't forget to add the MAC('s) for the WDS device(s) you want to connect to) :thumbup:
  23. dbcalo

    dbcalo Network Guru Member

    i have this up and running in Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c, with wpa.

    did the following:

    1. installed Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c
    2. set one router to AP + WDS
    3. set one router to WDS
    4. on the wireless settings page, i plugged the other routers wireless mac into "links with the following" under lower the drop down menu.
    5. made sure all settings matched, with the exception of the mac's
    6. rebooted both routers.

    result: WDS + WPA
  24. IsamuD2k2

    IsamuD2k2 LI Guru Member

    I have been trying to set up WDS and can not get it to work. I have 2 WRT54G routers and have put Hyperwrt on both. Me and a friend have tried all the ways that ppl on here have said they got it working and we can not get it to work. I have a dsl modem with Bellsouth, and have to clone the mac addy. Do I use the new mac addy or the old mac addy for WDS. I also have to have it as the gateway on the main router. If someone could help me get this working that would be great. What I am trying to do is get a wired network upstairs when the main router is in the basement. If WDS isnt the best way to do this please point me towards the right way.
  25. Kevan123

    Kevan123 LI Guru Member

    WDS with WPA/AES

    I setup basic WDS with WRT54GL and WRT54GS as described in www.thibor.co.uk with Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c firmware. I got WDS to work with WEP but whenever I changed to "WPA/AES" or "WPA2/AES", the WDS stops working. I make minor modification to the thibor's setup:
    - AP+WDS on both WRT54s
    - Both Afterburner are set to Auto
    I believe that these should not be affecting WPA. Am I missing something on the setup?
  26. Kevan123

    Kevan123 LI Guru Member

    Got it to work when disable Afterburner on both WRT52s
  27. bigclaw

    bigclaw Network Guru Member

    Hello, is it true that the only criteria for a client PC to determine which WDS AP to connect to is signal strength?

    If so, since router B will have half of the bandwidth available, would I run into a situation where a client PC decides to choose router B while router A will offer a faster connection?

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