WDS with WRT54G v4 and WRT54G v5?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by JephD, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. JephD

    JephD Guest

    I orded two WRT54G's and got lucky and got one version 4. I've upgraded the firmware on the v4 to HyperWRT and I want to setup a WDS network with the two routers. Can I do this? I know that the v5 can't be upgrade but I was hoping that I wouldn't need to. All the differnt tutorials on the internet use upgraded firmware on both routers so I'm starting to doubt that it'll work. Anybody no if it can be done or have any sugestions?
  2. Sumi

    Sumi Network Guru Member

    i am in the same shit.. i have a v4 GS, and a V5 G.. it's just inpossible to link them together. not even with WDS, but also with client mode... i can't make it work... so if anybody knows anything, please share it with us
  3. slinde

    slinde Network Guru Member

    I have not tested the WRT54G v5 but I run wds between a v2.2 with HyperWRT and a v3.1 with Linksys original firmware. It runs nicely. So the support for wds seems to be there in Linksys original firmware. Hopefully it should work for v5 as well?
  4. 4EverGreen

    4EverGreen Network Guru Member

    If you read this Forum's Global Announcement , you'll understand that v5 is good to return to the store ... :thumb:

    As you can't upgrade it with 3rd party firmware you'll never get WDS with it ... sorry ! :thumb:
  5. illogikel

    illogikel Guest

    I haven't tried this myself... since I haven't purchased a second router yet, but this forum post details setting up 2 WRT54G routers, one with stock firmware, one with 3rd party.

    Possibly worth a try...
  6. crawdaddy

    crawdaddy Network Guru Member

    since I will never consider buying a v5 router, I can't confirm this, but the original linksys firmware at least up to version 4 has lazy WDS built-in, to give support of doing WDS with the WRE54G range expander. I wouls suspect that there would have to be SOME way to simply use Lazy WDS to your advantage to complete a WDS network.
  7. 4EverGreen

    4EverGreen Network Guru Member

    Last warning :

    Don't make the same mistake as I did last month ...
    After buying a WRT54G v5, I returned it to the store for a WRT54GS v4 after a week ...)

    1. This box' stock firmware doesn't support WDS.
    2. This box is not Linux, it runs on VxWorks (closed OS).
    3. This box has only 2 MB flash RAM.

    Due to the previous facts, you'll never load any 3rd Party firmware files on a WRT54G v5, because they're for Linux and usually have 3MB or more.
    Use the search button and read the threats about the WRT54G v5 ! :thumb:
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