WDS+WPA with 54GL and SMC router

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by vesa2, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. vesa2

    vesa2 LI Guru Member

    I have WRT54GL v1.1 and SMC7904WBRA, they both support WDS. I can make WDS connection if encryption is off or WEP. As soon as I turn the WPA/TKIP on, the connection stops working. This happened with other WRT firmwares too, I just today found Tomato, and I like it. I have newest firmware in SMC. Maybe the problem is in SMC, but at least it's manual doesn't mention any restrictions of WDS with WPA.
    Does anyone else have this same configuration? Does it work?
  2. keung1967

    keung1967 LI Guru Member

    WDS can't work with WPA or WPA2 (All brand and all model).
  3. netlinker

    netlinker LI Guru Member

    WDS and WPA will usually not work between routers or firmware by different vendors.

    What I definitely know is that WDS and WPA will work between two WRT54GL running DD-WRT firmware. I am using this setup myself and it is working very well. A Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 will also run DD-WRT and give you a stronger wireless signal compared to the WRT54GL, so you may consider purchasing one of these instead of a second WRT54GL.
  4. vesa2

    vesa2 LI Guru Member

    Ok, thanks for the info. Seems like I can't make it work without buying another router, which I don't want to do since I already have so many of them. This is what I was trying to do:
    But since it's not possible with my current routers, I need to find some other way.
  5. netlinker

    netlinker LI Guru Member

    OK I see what you want to achieve.

    You could proceed as follows:

    - load dd-wrt onto the wrt54gl
    - set the wireless mode to 'wireless bridged'

    That way your wrt54gl will act like a wireless client and you can plug devices into it with network cables.
  6. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

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