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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by R0ut3r, Jan 25, 2006.

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    hi to all, i am really an happy wrt (for the brainslayer dd firm.. :thumb:) customer (after years with another brand and 2 months with a wag54gv2) and i use it in a "simple" cable_lan/wifi_lan connected to a adsl2mue modem
    now i'd like to rebuild an older lan using a modem/router and an ap and another ap connected with a wep wds connection

    i'd like to know if: the wrt+dd can works without problems like a wds "receiver" and what security level can i use with it (wep/wpa/wpa2??), and, in the other side, what's kind of modem/router/ap (i prefer, if possible, an all-in-one solution for the wan side) can i use for the wan connection with that security rule?
    and if is possbile to use the wrt like a wds "receiver/repeater" can i use this one wrt for setup the lan nat-rules and the dhcp lease???
    i must say that all the client is connected to the wds "receiver"in that environment

    i know that usually the nat-rules and the dchp are set-up in the "wan router", but this dd is so good.. :thumbup:

    i hope that's the problem is clear
    ty for all the answer
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