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    [edit: sorry about the vague subject line, it should be "WDS+AP w/multiple passwords"

    I have an odd situation. I am "sort-of hosting" some business guests for a week or two, and they would like to have net access. I was hoping to set up a spare router for them as WDS+AP, for two reasons: They're on another floor of an old building, which does not let a signal through very well - so the router would be extending the range (running a line between locations is not feasible, so it has to be a wireless solution). Secondly, I would rather not give them access to my existing network - just a route to the internet.

    This plan works fine if they wire their laptops into the client router, as they won't need a password. But I have no idea if they've got cables, and I have none to give them. I was hoping that there was a way for them to have a unique password for their AP. For example: inserting its WAN MAC into the host router's manual WDS table and just using different security settings on it. I assume that won't work. The alternative I can think of is wiring the additional router to the host router here, and setting it as an AP - but I'm not sure the range will be sufficient. I'm going to try the WDS theory out in a moment, but I decided I should start fishing for other ideas in the meantime.
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