Web pages hang when connecting through WRT54G VPN

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by cornrow, May 27, 2005.

  1. cornrow

    cornrow Network Guru Member

    I've set up the latest version (prefinal 5 or whatever), and set up a PPTP VPN server. I try to connect to the VPN and it connects successfully, but I am unable to browse the web with it. It will resolve any domain name, but pinging doesn't work. Any ideas where I can look to fix this?

  2. zgamer

    zgamer Network Guru Member

    Try disabling the encryption client-side and then try reconnecting. when VPNing into a network where the wrt is the server I've noticed 100% cpu usage whenever I've connected in the past w/encryption but with it disabled it's around 50%.
  3. cornrow

    cornrow Network Guru Member

    That didn't work. If you or anyone else is willing to try to tackle the problem, I will pay $200 if you can get it to work. I can provide remote access, as well as VNC access if necessary.

  4. knight14th

    knight14th Network Guru Member

    The cpu on wrt54g is too slow to handle vpn-connections using encryption. So there is no way to fix this problem.
  5. blackhd

    blackhd Network Guru Member

    first of all, what OS do you install on the server behind this wrt? and what's the OS on the other side?
  6. cornrow

    cornrow Network Guru Member

    XP on both sides. Actually at the moment the client is XP and there is no server set up on it. I am just trying to VPN in and access the internet through it. I only need one client connected at once - two at most.


  7. blackhd

    blackhd Network Guru Member

    maybe u should disable the firewall on both pc... the one sitting in Advance Tab in the Local Area Network icon.

    i remember i did that and both pc connected eversince
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