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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by InfiraSys, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. InfiraSys

    InfiraSys LI Guru Member

    I was a long time user of the BEFW11S4 V4 and was always happy with it. Recently, the unit would lock up here and there and eventually got worse and needed to be replaced.

    I bought the WRT54G V5 with the intent of using it as I did with my old Linksys. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

    I have 6 machines behind my router, 2 wired and 4 wireless.
    One of the wired machines is my web/ftp/mail server which is used daily.

    One of he problems I am having with my router is that it treats my networked machines like outside boxes. For example, if I try to access my website (hosted from behind router) from the second wired computer, it acts as if I were trying to connect from outside my local network. This is something my old router did not do.

    Also, I've got decent upstream and outside machines as well as me trying try connect to my web server locally, can only pull a transfer speed of 20K/sec if I'm even lucky. My old router would max the upstream for outside machines, and provide "local network" type speeds via HTTP when I was browsing from a machine inside my network.

    My line to the net' is running just fine, downstream and upstream seem to be in perfect order and zero packetloss. This is just an issue after switching routers.

    Was hoping someone here could provide some input, because I need to have my web server running and running at its best.

    I'm guessing maybe a it's a simple setting? I've shut off everything listed under the Firewall section as my old router didn't have 1/5th the options this one offers.

    Not sure where to look...
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    is your web/ftp/mail server heavily used? any p2p files sharing?

    is the new Router the main/only gateway to the net?
  3. InfiraSys

    InfiraSys LI Guru Member

    No, it isn't heavily used as bandwidth being a problem. I've got plenty of upstream to spare, and speed tests and other tools show my upstream wide open.

    This is a new router, never had an issue with my BEFW11S4 connecting to my servers internally or externally before, the only change was this new (WRT54G) router.

    This unit is acting as my gateway. I'm very frustated as Linksys support has been feeding me the same ole' same ole' "upgrade firmware" which I did to 1.00.6.

    One other thing I've noted is that passive mode to my FTP no longer works, despite what I try to do to fix it. Plugging the old unit back clears everything up... but the old one is getting on in years and locks up more and more these days.
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    if the settings are near default (Router IP etc) and you have upgraded to a new firmware then did you reset the router correctly after the upgrade, ie press the reset for 30 seconds.

    I would insist on you using the firewall to protect your LAN however, if you want to you could set DMZ to point to your webserver which would poen all ports to it and if it has a sufficient firewall to only allow incomming mail/web and ftp services that would be fine.

    Also check out the QoS function. this allows for prioritising services on the router.
  5. InfiraSys

    InfiraSys LI Guru Member

    I have fully explained the issue to one of the higher ups at Linksys and they have finally agreed that this is a problem with the router itself and probably all V5's. They claim they're working on a new firmware for it. I'm not a total newb here and have reset correctly and have tried the QoS options to no avail.

    I've simply decided to return this unit in favor of a 3COM OfficeConenct series router.

    Thanks for the help toxic
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    no probs m8 hope you get a better router. i know from our forums that the v5 is NOT the recommended router of the year. i just wish Linksys would rethink there plans and ditch the vxwork WRT54G v5 and WRT54GS v5 routers, and come up with something more credable.
  7. InfiraSys

    InfiraSys LI Guru Member

    I sure hope so too, I bought that WRT54G knowing very little about the Linux to VxWorks switch with V5. My old box ran Linux and I can say I was very happy with it, not a single problem until age and many terabytes of data had been transferred in and out over the years.

    Sadly this one can't cut it, need those services running 24/7 as I usually had at full speed. Plus the need for faster wireless was a big thing. Would an earlier version of this router maybe work a bit better?

    Just looking for the best, my work uses everything 3COM and they are looking pretty good right now. Nice site btw :clap:
  8. Xephon

    Xephon Guest

    Currently have the same problem :confused:

    Internet to Router to server = okay

    LAN to WAN to Server = Upload rate of 11k/sec
    (when a lan client use the WAN ip to connect to the nat'ed server)

    LAN to SERVER = fine (lan client to server using server LAN ip)

    My old SMC Barricade was working better X_X
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