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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by chr0nic21, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. chr0nic21

    chr0nic21 Addicted to LI Member

    Hi there...Im a father of 2 and I have the wrt54gl.

    I was wondering if this router is able to log which websites my kids are visiting so i dont have to personally go to their computer and check on their browsing history.......My kids are net savy, probably more than me and they are 8 and 11 yrs they always delete their history....I was wondering if theres a script or an add on that i can put so the router can just log the visited websites
  2. Slavedriver

    Slavedriver LI Guru Member

    You could use DynDNS which provides a way to log websites visited.
  3. chr0nic21

    chr0nic21 Addicted to LI Member

    anything that is less technical....or is that the only way possible?
  4. rickh57

    rickh57 Network Guru Member

    I use Tomato's remote syslog, sending the logs to a box with a static dhcp IP address. On that box, I use WallWatcher to show all traffic. It doesn't show the full URL for the requests, but at least the domain is available.
  5. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Still a bit technical, but you could use the firewall (iptables) on Tomato to block sites, or phrases of sites, that you don't want them to connect to.

    Alternatively (but still a bit technical), you could set up another machine as a proxy server, force all web connections through the proxy, and then log and/or block sites on the proxy server.
  6. Zaka

    Zaka LI Guru Member

    Solution: IT'S FREE.

    Use a STRONG password and an e-mail address that ONLY you have access to.
    Register the software (you need the key to install) and if you then forget the password, blue coat will send you a temp one (IIRC it's good for about 15 minutes).

    Router: K9 is a local machine installed proxy. SO... set your router to use L7 filters and deny http requests from the kid's machines. You must use the L7 filter because K9 uses port 80 to communicate, but it does not use http, so the sites will be checked with BlueCoat, but other http requests will not work.

    FYI: K9 also works with firefox.
  7. somms

    somms Network Guru Member logs all websites visted and filter out adult sites and proxies among more than 50 categories, phising protection, faster DNS lookups, ect...

    Free and best of all no software to install
  8. rickh57

    rickh57 Network Guru Member

    The problem with OpenDNS is that currently its domain report feature is disabled, so you can't easily use it to add/remove sites from its filters. I'm looking forward to them adding that back in.
  9. chr0nic21

    chr0nic21 Addicted to LI Member

    Thanks for the replies guys.....But is there ne other way possible?:halo:
  10. Zaka

    Zaka LI Guru Member

    I too am a father of two.

    So for the record:

    On the local machine: -- This will do everything you want, it's tamperproof and free.
    On the network: -- $40 per year for the black list updates.
    Or on the network: -- have not used this but someone brought it up and it looks pretty good.
    And the final layer: -- very nice and fast w/added protection, yes I signed up and am using it.

    The router cannot easily do what you want. The simplest solution is K9, get it.
  11. houman

    houman LI Guru Member

    Nice link about K9 (which I did not know!), a friend of mine used to work for bluecoat and they make the best hardware web filter solutions as well.
  12. rcordorica

    rcordorica Network Guru Member

    Well it depends on how tech savvy your kids are, but I wouldn't call K9 tamperproof. There is no such thing in software. It probably works like most rootkit viruses, it hooks into your kernel and is almost impossible to remove unless you use rootkit removal tools (gmer, rkdetector). But your kids probably wont know that.

    I wonder if it protects against system restore?

    I remember helping a friend (when I was like 11) to bypass his parents web filters too. In that case, we simply keylogged the passwords (the parents never found out). :D It turns out the password was his mom's license plate number.

    Your best bet is to block websites using opendns. Remember there is no security if you have physical access to a machine. Even the router could be reset to allow you to bypass opendns (although the internet connection will need to be reconfigured).
  13. rcordorica

    rcordorica Network Guru Member

    I agree this seems like the easiest solution. Enable the remote syslog and monitor/capture the data on your computer. There is a lot of software available to do that, for free.
  14. TexasFlood

    TexasFlood Network Guru Member

    Could set up a Transparent Proxy with Squid. Here is a Wiki article describing how to set this up with DD-WRT which can probably be adapted to Tomato. Add in sarg or one of the other squid add-ons and you can do some pretty powerful stuff but it's not nearly as simple to set up as external syslog logging or K9.
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