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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by DLB527, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. DLB527

    DLB527 Network Guru Member

    Ok fist this is what i have set up right now.

    Dls motem > WRT54GS PPPoE and linksys firm > WRT54GS DHCP and DD-WRT firmware.

    My problem is that the GS with DD-WRT Firm won't work if i use the WAN port think thats what its called, The port for ethernet, But dose work right if i just use one of the LAN ports, And by working i mean the internet, everything els seams ok. When useing the WAN port the router dose say that there is internet, when useing a LAN port it dosent indacate that theres any internet but this is the only thime net works.

    Hope i made cence, PLease help, Thanks!
  2. DLB527

    DLB527 Network Guru Member

    Just want to add some more info..

    If i do

    Motem > WRT54GS DD-WRT PPPoE, useing eather the WAN or LAN port it will not connect/get any internet..
  3. DLB527

    DLB527 Network Guru Member

    Bump? Kinda need to get this figured out asap....
  4. dellsweig

    dellsweig Network Guru Member

    I am not quite sure what you are trying to do here....

    Are you trying to use the second WRT as a wireless repeater or bridge to the primary WRT (connected to the DSL modem)??

    Here is a setup guide for using 2 WRT's wirelessly

    If you want to do this wired, do the following

    WRT #1 (connected to DSL modem)
    Do nothing

    WRT #2

    1) turn off DHCP
    2) assign static IP on same subnet as WRT #1 (ex:
    3) set default gateway to WRT #1 address (ex:
    4) run a cable from a LAN port on WRT #1 to a LAN port on WRT #2
  5. DLB527

    DLB527 Network Guru Member

    Not useing one as a pepeater or anything.

    Just two routers indapendent but one router pluged into the other. But the thing is the WAN port dosent work on the second router. If it makes anymore cence thin just forget what i said about two routers. If i just plug the router with the DD-WRT firm into the motem and use PPPoE it dosent work and i dont know why. As far as i can tell its set up just like the other router with linksys firmware only diffrentce beeing the firmware.
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