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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by rickb99, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. rickb99

    rickb99 LI Guru Member

    This is going to seem unbelievable, but here goes; I have a WRT54GL flashed with DD-WRT v23 SP1. Works perfectly with 5 clients connected. These clients are 4 completely different adapters (2 are the same). The network is set for "G only".

    I power up a Macbook Pro, and I get this weird "your network has been compromised" message. That 's NOT weird. A search reveals that many people are having this issue with Macbooks an WPA security. Eventually, I get the Macbook to connect and everyone's happy.

    But just to test, I power down the WRT54GL and power up a Belkin PreN I have laying around. Everything's fine, those 5 clients connect, no problem. Then I power up the Macbook. Wham! All clients are disconnected, and the router is unresponsive. That IS weird. I unplug everything and go to bed. I power down the Belkin and put the Linksys back. Here's where it gets REALLY weird. No clients can connect. A look at the wireless status page shows that there are 4 packets received, no errors. But the packets transmitted are climbing into the 100,000+ - all with errors. I can't get anything to work, so I disconnect the router and go to sleep.

    The next day I power on the Linksys, everthing is working again. The original 5 clients connect. I power on the Macbook. Again I go through the laborious connection issues. So once again I power down the Linksys and this time I try a Zyxel X-550. Everything is working. The 5 clients are up. I power on the Macbook - WHAM! - just like with the Belkin, the router goes down and all clients are disconnected. The Zyxel becomes completly unresponsive and the LAN and WLAN lights are going nuts, like total saturation.

    I power down the Zyxel and power up the Linksys. Same as the day before - almost no received packets, thousands of transmit packets with errors - and I can't get anything to work, even after I shut the Macbook down.

    So here's what I figure; the only commonality here is that the Belkin and the Zyxel are MIMO routers. A reasonable theory is that the Macbook has some issue that causes some issue so that some client or base goes into some kind of loop looking to connect. I've powered down all known clients in the house but the issue persists for hours. I suppose it could be a neighbor, but I live on almost 5 acres, that seems unlikely.

    It can't be the routers themselves, because eventually they all work fine again. I've attached a wireless status screen shot from the WRT54GL.

    Anyone have any ideas, or should I have waited for next halloween to post this?
  2. rickb99

    rickb99 LI Guru Member

    Forgot the attachement - here it is

    Image attached

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  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    tbh i think the problem lays with the MAC and not any Wireless router you have.
  4. rickb99

    rickb99 LI Guru Member

    More data

    It's not the router, and in fact I have more infomration. Somehow it looks like when there is a MIMO router, the Mac sets off something that causes a massive amount of network traffic. On the Windows 2003 Server, the System event log shows 1000s of attempts of a service attempting to log into FTP with the user name "Admistrateur". I have checked all systems for viruses and I am clean. Once the systems are rebooted, everything is back to normal.

    Note that these logins continue even when the router and all clients are powered off, and continue until the systems are rebooted. The logins are internal, not external - indicating a service is attempted the login.

    Obviously, this is the wrong forum to pursue this further.

  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    is the windows 2003 Server DHCP enabled along with the routers DHCP server perhaps?
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