Westell 6100 (Verizon) + Tomato NOT CONNECTING

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by senseGOOD, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. senseGOOD

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    Verizon Online DSL (DHCP) - dynamic IP
    Westell 6100 (set to bridge mode)
    Works perfectly with NETGEAR WGR614 v6 (original firmware)

    I recently purchased ASUS WL-520GU and flashed it to DD-WRT then to Tomato 1.23 ND USB v03. Everything works except, the router cannot pick up the connection. Under status, it's always trying to renew... but of course, nothing happens. I tried power cycling the modem, but still problem persists. Do I have to clone the MAC address? With my NETGEAR router, all I had to do was just connect it to Westell and it worked. No cloning was necessary. What's going on? This router was my Christmas present to myself lol... now it's not so awesome... Any help will be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas everyone.
  2. senseGOOD

    senseGOOD Addicted to LI Member

    Since some ISPs validate the connect by checking the MAC address of the Ethernet adapter in computer that was registered during ISP installation, I guess I'm going to try cloning MAC. Hopefully this will work so I can enjoy the rest of Christmas.
  3. senseGOOD

    senseGOOD Addicted to LI Member


    1) Cloning to PC's MAC address... router still does not pick up IP
    2) Cloning to old router's MAC address (the NETGEAR)... instant connection established

    If anyone else experience similar problems to mine, check with your ISP. Verizon seems like they like to store MAC address and hold on to it for a while. (I left both router and verizon's Westell 6100 router unpowered while spending time with family for Christmas. Yet Verizon did not reset the stored MAC address. I could have called but, it's Christmas...) So try my steps and use the previous working MAC address.


    Merry Christmas.
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