Westell Gateway Modem configuration when using a router

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    In order to help ease the headaches and frustration DSL customers go through when attempting to use a router with a Westell Gateway, I decided it was time to post this information. All of this is available on Westell's website (westell.com) and all ISPs who utilize the Westell Gateways train their reps on these steps. These specific instructions apply to anyone who fits into the following:
    1. DSL Customer (connection type does not matter)
    2. Provided Modem: Westell
    3. Provided Models: 2200, 6100
    4. Utilizing a MultiPort Wired or Wireless Router

    I posted these steps already in response to another question.

    You must bridge the Westell 6100. Here are the steps:
    Prerequisite: You must run an ethernet cable directly between one computer and the modem in order to perform the steps below.
    A. Log into the modem. (default username: admin default password: password. Your ISP may have software which resets this to your ISP chosen username/password so you may want to verify this with your ISP)
    B. Select Configuration->VC Configuration.
    C. Verify w/ your ISP what the VPI/VCI settings should be. Typically for PPPoE they are 0 and 35. Whichever the selection, you will need to select Edit on the line containing the correct VPI/VCI.
    D. Protocol needs to be changed to Bridge
    E. Select Set VC. The modem will soft reset on its own.
    F. Once it returns to the Westell Home Page (connection overview) you will need to select Configuration->DHCP Configuration. Turn off DHCP and Select Save.
    G. Select Configuration->Private LAN DHCP Configuration. Make sure the uppermost option is NOT selected. You're finished w/ the modem now.

    H. Add the router back into the mix. Log into the router. You need to do all this also w/ a hard-wired connection between the pc and the router.
    I. On the router setup page, change Internet Connection Type to whatever your connection type may be. If you don't know this information your ISP support can provide it to you.
    J. Apply the settings. After the setup page reloads you will need to select Status and verify the Internet IP Address.
    K. From here, enable the wireless within the router and configure it to your requirements.
    You should be good to go from here.

    Some notes: if you can't access the Westell GUI, you may need to reset it. Hold in the reset button for no more than 30 seconds. When you're finished you'll see the lights cycle twice (about 15 seconds). Wait for the DSL light to go solid green the second time before you do anything else.
    The IP for the Westell is If this does not work, try typing dslrouter into the address bar --nothing else-- and then hit enter. works almost every time.

    OS X users: you may need to create a new location after you've bridged the 6100. Make sure you set the new location to use DHCP and DO NOT enable PPPoE.
    Windows XP/Vista/2003 users: you may need to repair the local area connection after you've bridged the 6100. DO NOT create a PPPoE connectoid on the OS.

    The point is to dumb down the Westell 6100 and let it focus on what a modem should (modulator/demodulator)
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