WET or Client Mode for Thibor15c

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by boris111, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. boris111

    boris111 LI Guru Member

    Can someone provide me a step by step guide for setting up these modes. I'm finding bits and pieces here and there, but I cannot find one that explains it from beginning to end.

    Here's my layout:

    Wired Computer --->WRT54G Thibor15c (Router A)------Wireless------->Internet Router with default firmware

    I've tried this so far:

    Set my client router ip address to
    Tried with DHCP on and off on the client router.

    In telnet I've done this:
    wl ap 0
    wl wet 1
    wl join <SSID>

    I've had limited success as the connection seems to die off within a half hour or so. Also, I'm able to ping the router ip address, but I cannot seem to get the internet with the wired computer. I've manually set the Gateway on the the wired computer to the WET Client router local ip. Again if someone has step-by-step instructions I'd appreciate that.
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