wet11 ver 2.2 cant connect to wap54g with mustdie v 2.07

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by mfarhan, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. mfarhan

    mfarhan Network Guru Member

    I just change my new wap54g firmware with mustdie v 2.07 and seems running well.except i get great performace, my wet11 ver.2.2(firmware 2.08 linksys) doesnt want to connect with the wap54g.

    i used to have wap54g (it broken, a thunderclap hit it :( ) using original linksys version ver 2.07 and it working well

    is there any problem issue regarding this?

    i also have some wet11 ver 1.54 working well with the wap54g

    the wet11 ver 2.2 configuration is wet11+yagi 17db, distance between wap54g about 50meters,LOS, (working well with wap11 and my old wap54g)

    thanks for replies
  2. mfarhan

    mfarhan Network Guru Member

    sorry, the distance is about 400meters
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