WET200 or WAP200 and a Few Antenna Questions?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Promo Guy, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Sorry about the length of this, but I wanted to make sure I covered all the bases. We need to bridge our small office wired LAN to another suite on the other side of the parking lot. Line of site distance between the two suites is approximately 220 feet, with about a 15 foot difference in elevation. We can't install anything externally, so the signal will also need to travel through the exterior walls on each suite. The buildings are standard wood frame construction with vinyl siding.

    A wireless savvy customer has recommended using a WET200 with a pair of HGA7S high gain antennas in each suite for the bridge, and then adding a WAP200 at one or both ends if we need to add access for wireless clients at some point in the future. With the relatively small cost difference between the WET200 and WAP200, I'm thinking about using a pair of WAP200's in Bridge Mode instead of the WET200's. I think this would provide greater flexibility for future configurations since the current situation is somewhat temporary.

    And now to the questions:
    1. Will the WET/WAP200's with the HGA7S antennas actually work at this distance with good signal strength and transfer rate?

    2. Are there any significant advantages or disadvantages between the WET200 and the WAP200 in Bridge Mode?

    3. Is there a better solution (in the same price range) for this situation?

    While doing some online research into this issue, I ran across the EZ-10 and EZ-12 Reflector Templates at www.freeantennas.com. From what I've read, it sounds like the directional signal pattern of these reflectors might be a better option for my situation than the omni-directional HGA7S's. Of course I have a few questions about all of this as well:
    1. Can these reflectors be used with the MIMO RangeBoost technology of the WET/WAP200's?

    2. Would these reflectors actually provide a better signal between the two WET/WAP200's than the HGA7S's like I think, or am I completely off base on this?

    3. Could the reflectors be used in conjunction with the HGA7S's for an even greater increase in signal strength?

    Your opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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