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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Stefano, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. Stefano

    Stefano Network Guru Member

    Our cable/internet access is on the far side of the house from my office, where I have a varying population of computers hooked to an EZXS55W switch. The switch is hooked to a port on the back of a WRT54G router by a 100 foot piece of Cat 6 cable draped from one side of the house to the other.

    Needless to say I and my wife would like to see the Cat 6 gone from the living room floor, so I got a WET54G bridge to eliminate the cable. I need to know how to hook it up. Here is what I tried:

    * With the switch still hooked by cable to the WRT54G,
    I plugged the WET54G's RJ-45 cable into an open port on the switch.
    * Setup step 1 C, I used the II position on the X-II switch.
    * I tried to select Infrastructure mode, and to set the password and SSID and other settings to match the router settings already made. THIS WAS VERY DIFFICULT FOR TWO REASONS: THE INSTALL SOFTWARE WAS A VERY LOW CONTRAST WHITE ON PALE LIME GREEN (trendy, but DUMB), and THE EDIT FIELDS WERE OFFSET FROM THE REST OF THE SCREEN. Previous Linksys software (the router and cable modem, a WPC54 adapter, etc.) did not have this problem.

    After setting up the bridge, I powered off, disconnected the cable from the EZXS55W, and ran the WET54G cable to the EZXS55W's upload port (where the long cable from across the house had been). No joy.

    Where did I go wrong (other than not waiting for the Coming Real Soon Now 5 port version of the WET54G bridge that I just saw on the Linksys site).
  2. yonnage

    yonnage Network Guru Member

    not gonna work with stock firmware

    This wont work, as you are trying to get the WET to connect to the LAN side of the router, What you could do is use 2 WET54G's, one plugged into the cable modem, the other into the WAN port on the router. Have both WET's in adhoc mode using a different SSID from the WRT54G.

    I dont know if there is any firmware about which will make the router's wireless side point to the wan side of the router, anyone know?
  3. troycicle

    troycicle Network Guru Member

    I don't know if this will help, but you already have a Linksys wrt54g. If you buy another one, and put Sveasoft's firmware on both of the Linksys router's you can have one as an access point and put the other in client mode. This will bridge your internet connection.
  4. Stefano

    Stefano Network Guru Member

    I wish I'd known that before I bought the WET54G - the router, complete with 4 ports, is $50 to $60 cheaper than the bridge, and the bridge is a hell of a lot less product. But I do have it finally have it running.

    I sent the first one back because I finally noticed one of my problems might be due to a geezed up RJ45 jack - no click on insertion, loose fit. When it did work, during setup with it wired to the switch, which was wired to the router, the strength was often down around 30%. The EMail tech I was corresponding with suggested an RMA, and I gave them a cc # for a cross RMA just a few days ago, and there it was on the porch when I went out around noon to do some work onsite. Nice response!

    I tried to hook it up, and had no joy at all - doing a scan for networks found nothing. I got on hte 800 number with the Boys from Bangalore,and after I graduated from the tech to his supervisor, we tried lots of hookups in different areas, etc.

    Here's what worked: run setup with the WET54G cabled directly to the router. Boom, there it is, at 100% Well, I think, it ought to be, it's sitting right on top of it between the rabbit ears! Next take it back to the office, disconnect the Cat 6 cable from the switch's uplink port, plug in the bridge there. No joy. Only occasionally a 'Wireless-G' LED lit up, and no 'Ethernet' LED lit. Tried pinging it from the old dual P3 box hooked to the switch, no joy.

    About that time we lost the phone connection, leaving me hanging with a major question unanswered: how should the II-X switch be set? Not a lot of info on this in the docs,and not a lot of ideas about it in Bangalore either it seemed, as the supervisor kept pressing me to try other things and would not address the question.

    So I set the switch to X, and bingo!, I have an ethernet light. No Wireless G light, but I move it around and fiddle with the antenna, feeling like it's 1966 and I have to adjust the aluminum foil on hte rabbit ears on top of the TV. Finally I sit it on top of the monitor (not the best idea, but it seems to respond to it, and it's a huge Sony 24" WUXGA lunker so it gets it up there a little) and I'm on the air.

    Then it's off to my wife's office on hte other side of the house where the cable entry and the router are, and I angle the router/cable moden stack around to point toward my office. I go back, open the browser setup again and check the bridge status - 70% signal strength. OK! I take the bridge down off the monitor and set it on the shelf where teh switch is - only 6" lower - and it works fine. This is going through at least three walls of good old 1940s plast over wire lath - an RF nightmare!

    So, set the II-X switch to X after setup, and it will feed a switch with a wireless signal from a router.

    And my wife is very happy there's no Cat 6 running up the hall and catty-corner across the living room floor to my office!
  5. Stefano

    Stefano Network Guru Member

    Re: not gonna work with stock firmware

    The WET54G did work, eventually - everything is in infrastructure mode using the same SSID. It picks up the broadcast from the router, feeds it to the switch, and the PCs on the switch all see each other and the net quite well.
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