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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by tscheez, Jan 12, 2008.

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    I've been asked to set up a wireless network at one of our executive's house and everything is working except for one WET54G. The network is a WRT54G (v8, WPA PSK) with a WRE54G as a range expander. The devices on the network are a dell laptop (which has it's own built in wlan nic) an XBox on a WET54G and a second WET54G that is connected to a mac (eMac i think with no built in wireles) The bridge that is connected to the XBox was configured while connected to the eMac.

    After we got the first bridge connected and working we haven't been able to get a second one to work at all. the working one is a v3 and i've tried a v3 and a v3.1 and both do the same thing. The bridge will scan and find all the available networks and acts like it is connected. but i can't ping the router over the wireless and i can't ping the bridge from a connected computer. I can ping and access the bridge from the ethernet side, so getting to the web config is no problem.

    What makes this very frustrating is that I have tested both of the bridges on other networks (one WEP network and one WPA network) and have had both bridges functional in less than 5 minutes. So as far as I can tell

    I've tried to disconnect other devices, bring the bridge next to the router and have called and been online with Linksys "support" with no results.

    The only difference that I can see between the working bridge and the one that doesn't work is the WPA-PSK log screen. The one that works shows sending and receiving of messages and a success message while the non-functiional unit (well, units really, they both do this) is it only shows one message. "Got WPA/WPA2 PTK Message 1" and that's it.

    If anyone has any thought's they'd be appreciated. At this point I'm out of ideas.

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