WET54G or WAP54G?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Morac, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. Morac

    Morac Network Guru Member

    I currently have a WET11 connected to a WRT54G. I figured it was about time to replace the WET11 with something else so I decided on either a WET54G or a WAP54G.

    Normally I would pick the WAP54G since it is over half the price of the WET54G (it's on sale at CompUSA for $59 this week), it works with the WRT54G and can also act as a repeater.

    The one downside to the WAP54G is that it does not support WPA encryption when connected to a WRT54G, while the WET54Gv2 will support WPA encryption. So if I get the WAP54G I'll have to use WEP encryption for all my devices.

    Since WEP encryption can now be cracked with as little as 250,000 packets in around 5 seconds, WEP is basically useless which would mean using the WET54G would be much more secure.

    So basically we have cheap an unsecure or (relatively) expensive and secure.
    What would you recommend?

    I've read that with 3rd party firmware the WRT54G can act as a bridge. Does WPA work with this setup?
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