WET54G ver 3.0 - Connection Loss

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by sebehk, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. sebehk

    sebehk Network Guru Member

    Anyone having their WET54G disconnecting from the network (to a WRT54G ver 2.0) every 3-6 days? I have to power down, then power up the unit in order to get it to work again. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

    Edit: Writing down the times when the WET54G disconnects, it seems to do it exactly every 7 days. Talked to Linksys support thru Live Chat, and they have no clue as to what's going on.

  2. Jeepin_CJ7

    Jeepin_CJ7 Network Guru Member

    I have six of these (wet54g) and they disconnect randomly anytime after several hours of use.
  3. dkggpeters

    dkggpeters Network Guru Member

    Mine drop every 3 - 6 days as well. I noticed if I changed the group interval key renewal that the connection appears to staty longer since I am using EAP. Here is what I found

    600 Sec Drops between 24-36 hrs
    3600 Sec Drops in about 3 days
    7200 Sec Drops in about 6 days

    Problem is 7200 Sec is the max for group key renewal on WRT54GX so I can't go further.

    I believe it may be related to security protocal since I have 2 WPS54G's in which I could only connect using AES which the connection is solid know. If I used any other protocol they would disconnect.

    I am going to try and setup a radius server to see if that helps.

    Please post anything you find out and I will do the same.

  4. kn0xster

    kn0xster Network Guru Member

    I setup an FTP server on an NSLU2 which is conencted to the same switch as the WET54G.

    The WET54g is providing the bridge to my router and out to the internet from there.

    It is very annoying when this happens. It seems random at the momemnt. Sometimes its ok for a week or two then other times it'll drop out every day.

    I wondered if there was any new firmware for it but i could only find firmware 2.10 for the ver 2. Mine is a version 3 running version 1.08 firmware.

    Can't this little box be linux hacked like the WRTs or the NSLU2 at lest then we'd stand a chance of figuring out whats causing it to drop out.

  5. tlarmier

    tlarmier Guest

    We have the same problem. WET54G V3 are connected to Cisco 1300 with WPA TKIP. WPA. They are randomly disconnected. ( few hrs to few days)

    I think we must waiting for a new firmware. An over idea?

  6. jinjimbob

    jinjimbob Network Guru Member

    I have beta firmware v1.1, still doesn't fix the crashing of the WET54G v3 with WPA.
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