WET54GS5 one works great, one.. doesn't?!?!

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by mourph, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. mourph

    mourph Network Guru Member

    i have 2 machines at the front of our apartment, 1 PC 1 XBOX, both plugged into the front WET54GS5. In the back of my apartment, i have another WET54GS5 plugged into my firewall, and 2 pc's. (one is a bit of a file server).

    the xbox can watch movies from the file server fine. i can FTP files to the xbox at around 2.5Mb (nice and fast). Copying files TO the pc in the front, a-ok. so in summary, data transfer from front to back works great!


    as soon as i reverse the direction, and try to copy something FROM the machines in the front (Xbox or PC) to any machine in the back. the BACK bridge reboots. try it again, reboots. leave it off for a bit .reboots immediatly. It seems like the one bridge is pooched, but does anyone have any advice? these both work perfectly until the back bridge has to receive a lot of data, and it pretty much gives up and reboots immediatly.
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