Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by moostie, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. moostie

    moostie Network Guru Member

    Anybody know how to make this thing work in WPA-RADIUS mode with an xbox?

    I've uploaded my certificates and set the username, I can see on the radius server that it's authenticated, the WET54GS5 also shows that it's authenticated. However, the xbox never gets an IP address from the AP (dlink DSLG604T), and setting a static IP address doesn't improve things, still can't ping it from anywhere. I've tried turning on mac cloning, setting it to manual and entering the mac address of the xbox, but nothing works.

    Whats most bizarre is that the WET54G specifically mentions the XBOX/PS2 etc, whereas it's bigger brother the WET54GS5 doesn't, I'd have bought the WET54G, but due to complete and utter stupidity on the part of linksys (having two products with the same name but different features - V1 & V2) I can't get hold of a V2 in the UK, which I require because I need WPA & radius.
  2. PinPin

    PinPin Network Guru Member

    I'm not using WPA-RADIUS (don't have such stuff at home) but only WPA Pre-Shared Key using TKIP algorithm and I'm able to connect and play on Xbox Live. This WET54GS5 is connected to a WAG54G in infrastructure mode using static ip address. Is the Wireless Status page of the WET54GS5 showing
    it is connected ?

    Now, you know it is possible to play Xbox Live from behind a WET54GS5 :)
  3. moostie

    moostie Network Guru Member

    Great. Tried PSK and it works, so there's a bug that prevents the device from working with an xbox in WPA-RADIUS/TLS. Oh well, time to write to linksys.
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