WGA11B Modding

Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by Protoss, May 25, 2005.

  1. Protoss

    Protoss Network Guru Member

    Has anyone tried doing anything with this? I bought it to play online with my PS2, but get lousy performance. I took the thing apart, and found it has a place that looks like a USB interface, not the port, but the 10-pin plug that the PCI board would plug into. So is there some way I could make this into a USB wifi card? Any other functionality I can get out of this thing?

    Thnx, Protoss
  2. nimitz

    nimitz Network Guru Member

    Add a larger antenna...

    I actually opened mine up and used one of the antenna assemblies from an old WAP11B to give it better range. I was able to put the antenna assembly on the opposite side of the display at the top. The large base puts a little pressure on the board but not that much.

    The hard part was soldering the old antenna wire to the new antenna. I didn't remove the old antenna so I had to clip the wire and join the two. Took some real effort - the inside conductor on the original antenna wire is _really_ small.

    Failing that if you're good with surface mount soldering you could easily remove the antenna connector on the board and solder the new antenna wire directly to the board.
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