WGA54G connection woes over hotel wifi

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by PS2gamer, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. PS2gamer

    PS2gamer Guest

    I traveled often for business and spend an inordinate amount of time in hotels with unsecured wifi. Of course my slimline PS2 accompanies me and I would like to play my former college buds online in 2006 Madden and 2006 NCAA. Is there a foolproof way to avoid the dreaded Sony DNAS errors? I think I need to manually set the ip addresses but would rather not because it would change every 24 hours in a public hotspot. I have tried to use the automatic settings for both the slimline PS2 setup and the WGA54G also. Am I missing something?
    PS. My home setup works flawlessly with another WGA54, a speedbooster G router and an "old-style" Network Adapter add-on PS2. Once I got the home WGA54G working, I feared changing any settings.
    I know the unsecured wireless hotel router is only 802.11b, would this cause a problem? Please help an at-a-lost gamer.
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