WGA600N with WTR300N?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by reno1, Feb 25, 2008.

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    I gotta big problem. I dropped $100 on a WGA600N to replace the G gaming adapter I have. It's now a paperweight. I have spent close to 3 weekends dicking around with this thing to get it on my network to no avail. Maybe someone here can offer me some suggestions as Linksys's tech support is a complete joke. I knew more than both of the "Techs" did during each call, and both calls resulted in them hanging up on me but thats an entirely different story.

    I have a WRT300N router with a USB N adapter that runs at ~270 meg. I have the G gaming adapter as well as a Wii (G) ...so its safe to assume that things are working between the G and N clients.

    I go to hook up the WGA600N via the IP address directly. Basicaly here's what happens

    1) I look at the active networks, it finds mine, says it's 11GN which seems okay to me. I then connect to the router using WPA2 with AES. Here's where things go bad.
    When I look at the Active list again, its sees my network, HOWEVER, it looks like it downgraded it to 11G.

    2) When I go to the STATUS page, it says associated...then NOT ASSOCIATED, then ASSOCIATED..AND at this point, the thing floods my network with error packets...when I can break in to hit update on the status page, it's literaly like 10-20K after a few minutes. I think take the paperclip out and reset the thing.

    So, I have tried different channels and bands and encryptions ad nasuem. There has to be an answer or reason especialy since I already have an N client going!

    Anyone who can help will be my new hero!!!

    Barring that, does anyone wanna buy the stupid thing at a discount?


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