wgt54G new flash internet gateway disabled

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by syngensmyth, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. syngensmyth

    syngensmyth Network Guru Member

    A new and first time flash of Tomato to a WGT54G. I can access the setup page but can not get access to the internet. I've erased the memory, reset and rebooted everything multiple times.

    When I look at the "wireless network connection status" by double clicking the network icon there is a little yellow padlock icon just right of the computer icon in XP. I assume something is locked?? I threw an old Linksys router on and everything was fine so it must be a Tomato setting ...

    I suppose the lock means security is on but I tried to turn it all off. Not sure what kind of security is being referenced.

    Any hints?

  2. illtww

    illtww Network Guru Member


    nvram erase...

    Under Admininistration

    then try
  3. syngensmyth

    syngensmyth Network Guru Member

    Thanks but I did that already and no luck.
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