What’s the deal with the BEFSR81v3 router? PLEASE HELP.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by BEFSR81v3, Oct 20, 2005.

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    What’s the deal with the BEFSR81v3 router?

    I get disconnected frequently while listening to shoutcast and sometimes takes a while to connect again. When I go into the router control, the screens only show up partially (like a website created by a 5 year old) Until I hit refresh a few times and even then it periodically loads sloooooow. Sometimes the unit works fine. I get a 2mbps PEAK transfer rate (Not Average) when the line is capable of 15mbps. (Fiber Optic). The MAC address on the exterior of the router is one number off from what the screen says it is. (knowing that may have saved me a few hours on the phone with my ISP). Linksys support lady kept repeating like a parrot that the device will only work with Cable or DSL and was of absolutely no help because that’s all she would say. BTW, it does work so neener neener. (Just not a very stable device so far). My collective of fellow geek friends agree that the Cable/DSL stuff is just flashy packaging targeting consumers (and those ARE Ethernet ports all over the unit and that’s what my fiber converts to so…)
    I can go on and on…

    I’ve already searched this whole board (and the internet) and find several Relating Questions but No Answers. Should I flash this thing with the same 2.50.2 firmware it already has just to be sure it isn’t a faulty flash-job? Should I flash it with the 2.50.6b2 firmware? Should I hit it with a blunt object? Flashing firmware and BIOS’s aren’t things I enjoy but may be necessary. Can I get some answers? Someone please help. This unit should work right out of the box. I shouldn’t have to go through this. Linksys and all of the pages that hype this wonderful product have already greatly disappointed me but I am set on getting it to work so what do I do? Any intelligent help will be greatly appreciated.
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    LinksysInfo - The No. 1 In Linksys Support?

    Fine Print: "LinksysInfo.org is not affiliated with Linksys or Cisco Systems, Inc.
    All product names are trademarks of their respective companies"

    ...Does anybody have any answers? From what I'm seeing so far I'm beginning to think that this device is junk (seems how nobody has any straight answers). What a good first impression. If I get some help maybe I will continut to be a customer, but who knows...

    If you have any useful information and or detailed firmware update documentation, please, don't be shy!

    If you are having issues with this device, POST IT HERE!

    MaYbE iF aLl Of ThE dEtAiLeD iNfOrMaTiOn WaS iN a CeNtRaLiSeD LoCaTiOn We CoUlD hAvE tHe FaCtS bE kNoWn To AlL. SaY mAyBe, On ThE mAnUfAcTuReS sItE. mAyBe I'm WrOnG aNd ThIs PrOdUcT iS pErFeCt ThE wAy It Is AnD i'M jUsT cRaZy Or SoMeThInG. i WoN't StOp UnTiL iT's FiXeD oR lInKsYs GiVeS Me A rEpLaCeMeNt AnD aDmItS tHaT tHeY mAdE a MiStAkE.
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    I believe I have found my answer at
    The latest firmware (2.50.6beta4 at time of post) seems to have fixed the main of my problems. I've wasted so much time trying to find out how to make a brand new device work... What a shame. Shoppers BEWARE! Read up before you decide. Not a bad device in my opinion, hardware-wise anyway. The firmware that came with device and the tech support get a thumbs down though. So to anybody else with this device, check out the link and spread the word (because it took me forever to find). The actual link to the beta4 firmware is a few pages in but read the whole thread just so you can be up to date with the progress and maybe lend a helping hand (since... ah I'll quit being mean, I guess.)
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