What’s the difference between a BEFSR81 v2 and v3...?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by TecKng778, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. TecKng778

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    What’s the difference between a BEFSR81 v2 and v3...?

    You see this is what happened... my v3 failed and I RMA'd it, I was very clear with them that I wanted a v3 back... well they sent me a v2 and basically said deal with it because it’s all the same...

    Well I said if it’s all the same why is there a v3...

    Anyways I want to know what the exact differnces between the two are. I paid a lot of money for my v3 and I noticed I can buy a v2 for $40 at best buy and they also carry v3's which sell for $120...

    Anyways if someone could help me out here it would really just make my day...

    Heck I’m not even sure I care about the router because I've already replaced it and I’m not sure if I will be using another Linksys due to the way I was treated… It’s just the general principle now...
  2. KingB

    KingB Guest

    It may be too late, but here.


    Try those 2 links, it appears Linksys took anything indentifying the difference of the two away from the average user.(My guess: Because stores still carry the old version and need to get rid of both)

    But I found them under the international fto folder :D

    I do see a marked change in power consumption of the two (12v 1A vs. 5v 2.1A - wow!)

    And a much more useful Web Utiility is available for v3. as well as ability to disable NAT....

    Personally, I would call them and say my network required the v3's 20/200 Full Duplex abilty (scroll down the pdf to the Specs and see) and this "Take it and like it" v2 cr*p won't cut it. Besides, by way of that 2 year warranty they owe you at least what you paid for and no more, obviously you should be getting a small credit for the difference if anything.)
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