What are the best Tx Power/Threshold/etc settings for the WRT54GL?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by neoufo51, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. neoufo51

    neoufo51 Network Guru Member

    I keep hearing that some people have it set to 84. Some people have it set to below 28. No matter what power setting I use, there is no difference in signal strength.

    Also, I keep hearing different numbers to use for Frag threshold and RTS.

    What works best?

    Also, I'm running the original 1.23 ND release since the 1.25 release is not as stable. Should I be using another mod to get the most benefit?

    Considering I'm only talking about one specific router, there has to be a specific configuration that is better than all others, right?
  2. Kiwi8

    Kiwi8 LI Guru Member

    Due to the different environments the routers are operating in, such as the number of neighbouring access points, there cannot be identical configurations for every router, even of the same model.
  3. neoufo51

    neoufo51 Network Guru Member

    There's got a be a config that is better than the default settings.
  4. asterger

    asterger Network Guru Member

    IF your WRT54GL is a straight AP, setting RTS Threshold at 2304 will make the WLAN "snappier". With that said, DON't set RTS Threshold. Leave that at the default.

    -- Asterger
  5. neoufo51

    neoufo51 Network Guru Member

    Wait, you said RTS twice. Do you mean change fragmentation but NOT rts?
  6. DummyPLUG

    DummyPLUG Network Guru Member

    Something you need to know:
    1. Increase TX power will also increase noise
    2. even you have increase the AP power to let your client can "hear" the AP, if you don't increase the client power then it means nothing, as the AP can't hear the client
    3. a better antenna way better than increase the TX power.
    4. Keep the SNR as high as you can.
  7. neoufo51

    neoufo51 Network Guru Member

    Can anybody recommend a good pair of antennas for my WRT54GL?

    I'd also like to hear what other settings you guys have to share.
  8. Dent

    Dent Network Guru Member

    Try using the original 1.23 normal (non-ND) release and bump the tx power up to 150 mW (there are posts around here that recommended that particular power as being safe and quite useful and useable. You should see a difference immediately (or at least I did). When I tried the 1.23 ND release, the Tx power setting seemed to have no effect. Once I went back to the normal non-ND release and power up to 150 mW, my connections have been so much better, quicker, and reliable. Try it, you have nothing to lose.

    P.S. I just found the post that talked about the 150mW. It is located here: http://www.linksysinfo.org/forums/showthread.php?p=340935#post340935
  9. neoufo51

    neoufo51 Network Guru Member

    Tried it. Made the quality of connections worse on all my machines. For example, in the Device List, under the ND firmware I had a 45 quality rating on my laptop. When I switched to Non-ND, it went down to 40, and then boosting the mW to 150 dropped the rating to 35-36.

    Guess I'm going back to using Tomato RAF 1.23 ND.
  10. Dent

    Dent Network Guru Member

    Sorry it didn't work for you. Not sure what to tell you. You're experiences with this router and firmware are not what I think most others on this forum experience and I believe most just increase the transmit power but leave the other settings at their defaults so I don't think there are any "magic" settings that will suddenly improve your connection. Wait, I do believe when I was testing out firmware and transmit power with my WRT54GL that my channel had to be set to channel 11 because my connections on the other channels were terrible. I guess that is something you can try, either with the ND or non-ND or both just to see, and again, I say with the 150 mW transmit power. Maybe there is interference from transmissions on the other channels around me which make the channel 11 so much better for me. Most recommend to choose either channels 1, 6, or 11. Also did you do a full NVRAM erase after flashing to new firmware?
  11. neoufo51

    neoufo51 Network Guru Member

    Yep, did all that. Channel 1 is free and clear for me. I'm just wondering if beacon interval and the other threshold settings do anything, plus a good antenna upgrade suggestion would be great if anybody has one.
  12. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    neouf051, I'm a little confused here. You mention the "quality" (s/noise ratio) in the Device List, as being variously 45 down to 35-36. That's actually a very respectable signal even at the lowest, normally good enough for a 54Mbps connection. So I don't understand why you're having problems. And as Dent says, what you're experiencing is not normal for the GL. Perhaps you have a faulty one?

    To add to this, the very reason that default settings exist is usually because they are the best choices for the majority. Except for things like transmit power, changing any of the defaults should not be done unless there is a good reason.
  13. neoufo51

    neoufo51 Network Guru Member

    I'm not having problems at all. I'm just wondering if there is a little more performance to be squeezed out with a little tweaking.
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