what are your thoughts on this please

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by MaxAir, May 19, 2006.

  1. MaxAir

    MaxAir LI Guru Member

    hi ppl.

    have got a chance of having a wrt54gs v1 or a wrt54gs v4

    which one would u guys take.

    i have read teh autospy wrt54gs guide thing but didn`t really help me decide,

    all info welcome :)

    maxair :drinking: :drinking: :drinking: :drinking: :drinking:
  2. dino74

    dino74 Network Guru Member

    v1 has 8 meg flash 32 megs ram

    v4 has 4 megs flash 16 megs ram

    If you don't need the extra 4megs flash/16 megs ram, get the v4.
  3. the_sly_dog

    the_sly_dog Network Guru Member


    i swapped my version 4 for a verion 1

    toxic did tell me that a version 4 has a faster switch than a v1

    they are both great routers indeed

    i would say either would be a great choice.

    but i like my version 1 better now seems abit faster and signal strength seems more solid than my v4 ??

    if u need the ram get v1 if not v4
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