What could cause QOS to not take effect?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by RegisteredUser, Dec 19, 2010.

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    I understand what QOS does, it is a prioritizing system for incoming and outgoing traffic which regulates the data-flow within the set boundaries of the main data-feed (ISP) rules and governs packet control within the local network. Someone wrote up a very technical and lengthy post on this and I really don't understand why, the concept of QOS is really not that complex at all.

    My question is, what would cause my settings to not take effect? I ask this because I set a QOS rule to allow highest priority to one machine in the network on all protocols regardless of data-size transferred. When I saved I noticed no change in my machine's priority over others in the network.

    To test this in reverse I lowered the priority of this machine to 1% - 1% and 1% in all incoming and outgoing traffic, I pressed save and I still was getting 100% data-rate on this machine. I have tried classifying it by IP and by MAC address but it hasn't worked.

    also how do i set a default option on this forum to subscribe by default?
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    QOS works between LAN and WAN, not within LAN. QOS works primeraly at outgoing traffic and indirect on incomming (priorize ACK-packets or so). Maybee this helps to understand.

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    Hallo und danke,
    With my original firmware I could prioritize my PC to have Highest priority, the original firmware didn't have port settings or anything. When I set my PC to have Highest priority it gave me highest priority and the performance was noticeable.

    Now with Tomato, I set my machine to have highest priority over all ports but it doesn't give me highest priority, even in the detailed view I never get highest priority on this machine. Similarly if I set this machine for the lowest class possible it never shows up in the log as getting the lowest priority. :confused:

    I understand what QOS can and cannot regulate, I just don't understand why it isn't doing it :)
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    Please post your QOS basic and detailed pages, and we'll try to help.
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