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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pinchy, Mar 21, 2007.

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    I'll explain what I have, and then ask what to do:

    1) I have a site with a T1, currently assigned a static IP address and my ISP's device functions as my gateway for my BEFSR41. Example as such:


    ..which means that my BEFSR41 is configured as such:
    IP Address:
    DNS as provided by my ISP

    2) The ISP has assigned me a /29 subnet for my own use:

    IP Block:


    So my question lies in this: I'd like to make all of those IPs in the /29 subnet exposed on the internet. I tried setting it up as such:

    BEFSR41 internal IP:
    BEFSR41 internal subnet:

    Device 1 connected to the BEFSR41 as such:
    Device 1 IP:
    Device 1 Subnet:
    Device 1 Gateway:
    DNS servers as provided by my ISP

    Now this does work for accessing the internet from Device 1, but visiting a site like whatismyip.com reveals that I am still appearing as the external IP on the BEFSR41 ( I should in fact show up as coming from my address if things work the way I want!

    I've tried turning NAT mode both on and off on the BEFSR41, but to no avail. In either case, the address of Device 1 is inaccessible from anywhere else on the internet. I'm tired, so I can't recall but in one mode I had no access at all to the internet from my Device 1...

    I realize the BEFSR41 is a pretty limited device, and I have a budget to purchase pretty much whatever I need to make this work reliably. But I'm at a loss - everything I research (Linksys, Dlink, Cisco, Nortel, Juniper, etc) seems to be directed at using their devices simply as NAT boxes to share a single IP and not to function as I'd like.

    Any suggestions or reccomendations? I have lots of equipment here (ie RV042, RV016, every model of wireless router Linksys has ever produced LOL), but I'd like to match a device designed for this task if possible.

    I've found you all to be a wealth of information in the past, so I thought I'd post here before banging my head on the wall looking any more (I think I've worn out Google's search engine for the night LOL).

    Thanks in advance,

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