What firmware gives me both of these things?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by kahlid74, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. kahlid74

    kahlid74 Network Guru Member

    I'm looking for:
    1). WPA2 with AES
    2). Solid State VPN ability through IPSec

    Does DD-WRT provide this? What about talisman?

    I know the beta firmware under the download section supports WPA2, and I'm using that right now. I guess I'm wondering if any other Firmwares support WPA2.

    I've got a WRT54G V2.2

  2. __nbd

    __nbd Network Guru Member

    If you're not afraid of the command line, then OpenWrt can do all that for you. It supports WPA2, IPSec and a lot of other stuff and you can configure it a lot like any other 'normal' Linux box.
    If you want to give it a try, get it here: http://downloads.openwrt.org/whiterussian/
  3. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    Do you mean VPN pass through, or a VPN server on the WRT54G(S)?

    Alchemy can be compiled with IPSec support. It's just an option you have to enable in menuconfig. But I think, when being compiled with IPSec, the firmware is so big, that it can only be installed on WRT54GS routers and not WRT54G (at least not without removing other things). Afaik Talsiman currently doesn't supprt IPSec by default, and as Sveasoft has not released the Talisman source yet, you can't compile it IPSec support.
    DD-WRT is based on Alchemy, so I think you can compile DD-WRT too with IPSec support.

    But if you want to run a VPN server on the WRT54G(S), you'll pretty soon hit the limitations of the CPU. Both IPSec and PPTP are *extremely* CPU intensive. Even connecting only one client to the VPN server, this will reduce the maximum speed to 1-2 MBit/s. And the more VPN clients are connected, the slower the whole thing gets. When connecting more than two VPN clients, it's pretty much unusable.

    That's a hardware limitation, so you'll have this problem with all firmware flavours (Alchemy, Talisman, DD-WRT, OpenWRT...) that have a PPTP or IPSec VPN server.

    Concerning WPA2: Talisman supports WPA2 and I it seems, that the next version of DD-WRT will also support WPA2 (see the "progress report on dd-wrt v23" thread in the DD-WRT forum).
  4. kahlid74

    kahlid74 Network Guru Member

    The goal would be to create a tunnel from my WRT54G device to an ISA 2005 Server at another site. It could also be configured through a Cisco 4500 Router or an IPCop router.

    The command line one sounds interesting, might have to try that. I emailed Sveasoft and they said the following:
    Our current version supports WPA + AES/CCM. We are about to release a new version with full WPA2/AES support.

    We support PPTP VPN connections in the current firmware and VPN pass-through for PPTP and IPSec. We will release a version with onboard IPSec in the next few weeks.

    So with Talisman I could create a PPTP VPN tunnel from the WRT54G to the ISA box until they release the built in IPSec one, then I can switch to that one.
  5. TheIndividual

    TheIndividual Network Guru Member

    All firmwares (except Alchemy which isn't developed anymore) will support WPA2 in their next releases:
    DD-WRT (whenever v23 comes out)
    Talisman (whenever 1.1 comes out)
    OpenWRT (already does afaik)

    Since DD-WRT is a spin-off from Alchemy it should still have the IPSec compile option, ask BrainSlayer to make sure. It certainly has PPTP. As for Sveasofts IPSec version, it has been announced together with Talisman like half a year ago and still isn't out. Therefore I recommend you to try DD-WRT v23 as soon as its out (only a test version right now).
    You can still pay the 20$ for Sveasoft if DD-WRT doesn't do what you need.
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