What firmware is right for me?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alexo, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. alexo

    alexo Network Guru Member

    Hello people,

    After finding out that P2P apps saturate my WRT54GS to the point of imitating a dead turtle and the only way to fix it is to flash it with a 3rd party firmware, I am at a loss.

    There are too many to choose from and I do not have the knowledge to differentiate between them nor the resources to to do a shootout.

    So I am asking the gurus that frequent this forum to recommend a firmware that will be suitable for my needs.

    I'd like something that is:
    - Stable
    - High performance
    - Easy to set up
    - Has a newbie-tolerant community that is willing to help.

    Basically, I need a firmware that just works (and works well). An appliance, if you will.

    Please advise.

    Best wishes,
  2. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    Tomato. Tomato, Tomato, Tomato !!!! By far the most advanced and functional QOS engine out of them all. Flash your box, sniff at it for a few minutes, and drop by the forum for some pointers !
  3. alexo

    alexo Network Guru Member

    Does Tomato support SpeedBooster?
    This table does not mention it for the GS.
  4. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    Yes, Tomato does work on GS models. Here is a quote from the newest release;
    " Fixed detection for WRT54G 2.2, 3.x, WRT54GS 1.1, 2.x."

    From home of Tomato here ;


    Edit - I've never used GS products. How much bandwidth do they actually deliver ? With a good tune up job on a Tomato controlled buffalo router, I get 29+ Mb delivered.
  5. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

    First of all which version of the WRT54GS do you have? If you have a version 5 or newer then you will not be able to use any of the 3rd party firmwares. If you have a version 1 ~ 4 then you are ok.
  6. alexo

    alexo Network Guru Member

    Version 1 (CGN10D...)

    One vote for Tomato so far anf two "silent endorsements".
  7. fastpakr

    fastpakr Network Guru Member

    This is wrong - DD-WRT is supported on the V5 and V6.
  8. fastpakr

    fastpakr Network Guru Member

    One more vote for Tomato from me...
  9. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

  10. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

    Sorry I keep forgetting about the mini version of DD-WRT
  11. Trademark

    Trademark Network Guru Member

    That would actually be DD-WRT MICRO, not mini, just to clarify.
  12. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    I bet you could put Tomato on the newer versions of these radios after killing the VXworks with Bitsum's utility. I have never tried since I do not have a newer model to play with. T'would be bewwey interesting to see. The easiest way to find out is have somebody with one running DD to try a gui load of Tomater. I wonder if anybody in here has, or would give it a try ?
  13. alexo

    alexo Network Guru Member

    Downloaded and flashed Tomato 1.04
    Everything seems to working OK.

    Any recommended customizations?
  14. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    How do you use your router ? How many computers does it service and what kinds of programs do you run ?
  15. Neal-UK

    Neal-UK LI Guru Member

    How do you flash it? Do you just upload the new firmware file to the router?
  16. alexo

    alexo Network Guru Member

    Sorry for the late response. I am not getting the email notifications for some reason :(

    2 Computers, one just browses the web, IM and email, the other also uses P2P (Shareaza).

    Yes, I just uploaded the firmware.

    Unfortunately, it seemed to saturate this morning. The log was full of "user.warn kernel: ip_conntrack: table full, dropping packet." messages.

  17. alexo

    alexo Network Guru Member

    Cleaned the NVRAM. Hope it will help.
  18. modd1uk

    modd1uk LI Guru Member

    i have a wrt54gs v6 mate, p2p/utorrent also killed my router, i flashed it and am now using dd wrt micro, works a treat ! lovely interface, very configurable ( even for the noobies ) doesnt drop on p2p/utorrent, web pages load fine :). Took me around 10 minutes to flash it properly ( took my time ) can post a tutorial if you need any help.

  19. alexo

    alexo Network Guru Member

    Still having problems!

    After leaving Shareaza running overnight, the machine that runs it can no longer open new connections. Trying to browse in IE seems to fail at the DNS resolution stage. Although it can connect to the router itself without any problems.

    This happens even though, according to the logs, peak inbound bandwidth on vlan1 didn't even approach 10% capacity (however, peak outbound did max out).

    When that happens, the other computer that is connected to the router experiences very slow connectivity but can connect.

  20. psychowood

    psychowood Network Guru Member

    Try to lower TTLs for connections, probably shareaza doesn't close them correctly.

    I am currently using these settings


    and after 5 days of uptime (with amule and azureus running) no problem at all.

    You can find more infos here
  21. alexo

    alexo Network Guru Member

    Thsnkd, I'll try that.

    Although, the last time it happened, the number of open connections was about 800-900 out of max 2048.
  22. alexo

    alexo Network Guru Member

    No joy.

    Made the change and let Shareaza run overnight.
    In the morning, IE6, OE and Mesenger would not connect.
    Although ping and tracert from the command line seemed to work OK.

    At the time, Tomato reported 347 connections.
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