what gear do i need?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by maxpowernz, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. maxpowernz

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    hi all,

    pretty new at this wireless stuff, ive got a wrt54g, problem is i need to use the wireless from my work to my brothers unit which is directly across the street, i can just get a signal on the balcony but as soon as i walk inside it disapears. I got 2 high gain 7db linksys antennas but that didnt seem to do anything. He will be using a laptop with a built in intel wireless, what gear do i need to get a "good" signal across there, do i need a wireless router on each side with a outdoor antenna on each or is there a better, cheaper way?

  2. danielhaden

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    You can try putting your Linksys into the window that faces his house. It is okay to set the unit on its "face" and just point the antennas straight up (helps to fit it into the window) This will work even better if put it up high. You can also use HyperWRT to boost the power output. See the downloads section here.

    It is possible that the laptop is weak. You may need a WDS solution that uses two of the linksys routers to create a much larger network. This is all built into HyperWRT.

    For an easier setup, you can kick the 2nd Linksys into "WET" mode whereby it will recieve the signal and then put it into an ethernet cable for the laptop. That is also useful for very weak laptops.

    Directional antennas, such as yagi, Vagi, cantenna, and dish are all of great help with this type of connection.

    Be sure that you aren't operating on a channel that is near you (and in use) and be sure that you aren't operating on a channel that is near your second site (and in use). If the channels are "full" then, of course, weaker signals are easier to compete with than nearby strong signals. Anyway, consider not using channel 6.
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