what i have learned over 3+ weeks about wrv54g and quickvpn

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by ace11, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. ace11

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    ok step 1 you must flash this thing with the latest beta 2.38 to get it to function even close to what it should. the latest beta of the quickvpn client sent to me was with logging software logtau.exe.

    i have now spent 12+ hours on tech support trying to get the 2 pieces of software to work the way it should. i know the router is configured correctly as DocLarge was able to connect on the first time and hold a connection for hours, so now i place the blame squarely on the quickvpn client.

    the client is a good start but is pretty braindead about something's, if you have 2 network connections of any type(home network with a dialup adapter or wireless connection and nic card like most new laptops have) it will allmost always fail by trying to use the wrong nic, disableing the non-used nic seems to help.

    if the client hangs at "verifying network" your tunnel is there. and almost everything is there to do eveything as a you should. if you run "ipconfig/all" from the command line you will see that it has added the 10.x.x.1 to your DNS list, and if you know the ip address of the pc attached to it IE."10.x.x.100" you can ping it(sometimes) but i have always been able to RDP to the desktop and transfer files etc IF YOU KNOW THE IP, name service seems is always broken:<

    so yes, it should work over dial-up, if the bugs can be worked out, and you should not have to do any of the special things i have read such as disableing DHCP, time service etc.

    <start rant>
    this details about 6 calls in 3 weeks each aproximatly 2 hrs long

    personal notes about linksys tech support,

    i have almost always called late at night/early am in the usa, and when i reach tech support they have always been pleasent on the phone, but they dont seem to be able to carry any of the information forward from the previous call and end up wasting a lot of my time re-hashing the same things over again, asking you to try the same things over again.

    after reciving both beta versions and a logging software for the client, i feel that i am apart of the beta team to fix this, so when i call and tell the level 1 tech that i have been advised to call back and speak to a level 2 tech, i should hear that either it was not documented or wait on moment and i will connect you.

    then after i the level 1 tech effectively ignores my request and starts down a very tired road i had to become insistant that i was told to speak to a second level tech, i finally, after 5+ mins on hold tells me that i can be put thru to the second level tech.

    the second level tech does not even want to hear or see the log that the provided logging software has provided, asks a few good questions but seem to have a hard time keeping track of if i am haveing problems reaching the internet from behind the router or connecting to it from the outside tells me that i will need to call back again to speak to a anyone for more work on the problem.

    needless to say my deadline for having a solution to allow someone to be able to access our network reliably has passed, and will end up returning the WRV54G and spending alot more $$$ for a solution that will work reliably.

    bottom line, you want something to work that broke you have to try and fix it, and since i am a paying customer in the first 30 days of purchess i felt that i should try to make it work. but my time is valueable to me and feel that i have spent ample time diagnosing the problem and after reading here and other places about this equipment failing to perform to expectations i am sorry to say thay i am no longer a cheerleader for linksys products as this perticular product has cost me may hours of time and headache.

    <end rant>
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    Sorry to hear that you missed the deadline on this, Ace :(

    If there had been some forewarning on the box from Linksys (Item may require extensive "doodling" before being functional) we all could have planned accordingly :) I'm not supporting anyone "business wise" with this router as of yet, so all of the information I've put together are in fact my "diary entries" for myself and anyone who buys the router "prior to using them as a customer solution." We have to learn the hardware before we suggest it and it's unfortunate that a lot of people bought the WRV54g/RV0xx series thinking they'll "fire up" like the old BEFVP41 did...

    I've focused on the vpn aspect of this router since I bought it about a year ago, and "I" personally feel quickvpn is a "solid" vpn utility, but that's because I haven't had pressure on me to get it working in 30 days or less, like a lot of folks who first bought this when it came out. I'm still trying to get Linksys to except the guideline information I've put together as a part of the WRV54G paperwork when it's purchased but (as expected) they won't get back in contact with me (imagine that).

    It appears Linksys has no intention of putting the NAT-T functionality back in this router, and dialup, if you're lucky to get quickvpn connected, is too volatile to rely on. This means if you don't want to depend solely on quickvpn and want a vpn client you can use directly behind another router without plugging directly into a modem that does NAT-T, don't buy the WRV54G, buy the BEFVP41. In that respect it's (BEFVP41) still golden...

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