What is fastest hardware router which can still run Tomato?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by artisticcheese, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. artisticcheese

    artisticcheese Addicted to LI Member

    I can easily find all devices supported for DD-WRT on their webpage but for Tomato only couple of models are listed. Can Tomato run on something which more modern then WRT45 line?
  2. LLigetfa

    LLigetfa LI Guru Member

    Buffalo and ASUS.
  3. artisticcheese

    artisticcheese Addicted to LI Member

    Buffalo appears to be based on the same chipset as WRT45GL is (BCM5352x200 MHz). What makes those more powerfull in terms of WAN-LAN throughtput?
  4. eRd12

    eRd12 LI Guru Member

    He has on mind Buffalo WHR-G125, it has stronger CPU.
  5. spliff

    spliff LI Guru Member

    The Buffalo WHR-G125, Netgear WGR614L, ASUS WL-520GU, and ASUS WL-500GP V2 all use the Broadcom 5354 chipset @ 240mhz
  6. TVTV

    TVTV LI Guru Member

    Wikipedia's page about the Tomato firmware states that Tomato can also run on a Linksys WRTSL54GS. The WRTSL54GS is equipped with a 264MHz CPU, which makes it the most powerful device in terms of CPU speed that can run Tomato, so it should have the highest throughput. :)
    It also features 32 MB of RAM and 8 MB of flash ROM memory.
  7. hogrod

    hogrod Network Guru Member

    Its just to bad that there is no USB support in tomato for this router, plus they are getting a bit hard.
  8. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    My ASUS WL-500GP V2 is on the UPS truck for delivery today. Feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. LOL
  9. Elanzer

    Elanzer Addicted to LI Member

    I've personally been using a WRT54GL 1.1 with Victek's Tomato mod ND fully configured with QoS, and overclocked from 200 to 250mhz. 32 day uptime so far.

    Everything is instant in the GUI, even while hammered by 8+ clients using high connection counts on the 6mbit connection, hammering fileserver etc.

    It doesn't even heat up much from the overclock, but I did the push-pin mod to elevate it a bit for more airflow just in case.
  10. jersully

    jersully LI Guru Member

    Push-pin mod?
  11. FRiC

    FRiC LI Guru Member

    I'm not sure what the original poster meant, but I would want to run Tomato on "faster" or "more modern" hardware like wireless-N routers, and not just faster CPU. (I have DD-WRT on my WRT310N...)
  12. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    I guess it may be similar to the idea taken from: http://www.dslreports.com/faq/linksys/2.1_WRT54G#10011

    They're called "tacks" in the dslreport faq rather than "push-pins", but just the same, the idea is to raise it a few inches so as to allow heat to more easily escape. However, when over-clocked anything beyond 240MHz, I've always used a "passive" heat-sink salvaged from an old motherboard's chipset. They're small and can be easily cut with a rotary tool or just use it as it is, making sure it does not accidentally make contact with any board components.

  13. kiskakas

    kiskakas Network Guru Member

    i think it's much better to use a fan at low voltage.
  14. jersully

    jersully LI Guru Member

    Oh I see. Thanks guys.
  15. VeNT

    VeNT Addicted to LI Member

    where can I find the overclocking settings?
  16. jersully

    jersully LI Guru Member

    In Victek's mod and DD-WRT are the two places I know of.
  17. Elanzer

    Elanzer Addicted to LI Member

    The settings are set over telnet and can be set on any linux-based firmware (victek's mod and dd-wrt just make the information accessible in the GUI), here's a good page with some info on the subject in the case of the WRT54G v4/v5 and WRT54GL:


    Read up on it and search through google for other sources for your specific router on the subject, you could essentially brick the router by doing the wrong thing.

    From my research on the subject many people have clocked their WRT54GL v1.1's to 250mhz with good stability with no added cooling, some even higher with a modified CFE and better cooling solutions (262mhz, 275mhz), but personally I don't see such solutions being required for 250mhz - my WRT54GL is only slightly warm to the touch during heavy load and has never had any sort of instability at this frequency.

    Beware of the risks though, and also some tomato supported routers don't have the option of overclocking at all.
  18. oliviaharis

    oliviaharis Guest

    nice user friendly

    Tomato does has a very nice user friendly QoS for normal users, and I would guess a easy config page too. But USB support is something essential to me and it seems that Tomato doesn't have much features and not very customisable.But that said I think it looks like a good firmware for beginners or normal users to try. QoS is simple enough for novices but not very customisable for the pros. Using it on a WL-500g Premium seems a pity though cos you lose all the features of the stock firmware.
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  19. jsmiddleton4

    jsmiddleton4 Network Guru Member

    I was going to grab that router that speeds by me to see which model that one is but its so fast I can't grab it to see. I'm just glad its wireless.....
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