What is the most stable 23 version?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by SiNiESTrO, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. SiNiESTrO

    SiNiESTrO Network Guru Member

    Hello, I need an answer to my ask subject. A daily version isn't useful.

    When can we enjoy an totally stable version? The 23 version isn't stable yet and 24 version exist, why?

    Thank you for support.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    daily version is because it is beta.

    beta contains bugs so use v22 final if you are paranoid about bugs.

    v24 was released as a preview, that is all.

    the issues are getting fixed. there is no point in Brainslayer trying to fix ALL the known bugs in one go, then release a new firmware to find the bug fixes created other bugs. daily issues are for fixes and user input into the bugtracker incase other bugs are present or can be found within the new release.
  3. techmanblues

    techmanblues Network Guru Member

    Curious though. When does a beta become a final release? No major bugs reported in a one month period? There are software that seem to be in beta forever. :sad: I make a policy not to use beta software in Windows, but in Linux, that is different because Linux geeks are perfectionists. Therefore, a beta in Linux does not mean automatically buggy enough to be unusable.
  4. StoneRoses

    StoneRoses Network Guru Member

    For now, I recommend 11/11/05 version.

    I've used it on 3 GSv4 and on a Gv3.1 without promblem. (at least on my setup)

    11/14 and 11/15 seems to have problem with v4 hardware.

    PS. I've used a lot of beta softwares (mostly the opensource ones). I agree with you that most of the time pre 1.0 beta of opensource softwares (for example foobar2000 audio player) are more usable than version 10 of commercial software (M$ WMP10).
  5. Myst

    Myst Network Guru Member

    V3.1 27.10.2005 MAC Filter geht ab 01.11.- nicht mehr.
  6. SiNiESTrO

    SiNiESTrO Network Guru Member

    I think the 22v final isn't finished exactly. That version have interface bugs and other things.

    I forgot to say that I have an WRT54G 2.2 version and I only want all thing work like them must work with all possible features.

    I'm sorry for my bad english.
  7. eenisweenis

    eenisweenis Network Guru Member

    Boy do I feel Deja-vu. I went through this once with Alchemy. I just want a stable release.
  8. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    And the solution is: ...patience! I can guarantee you BrainSlayer wants the same thing and is working towards it daily.

    All you have to do is log into the DD-WRT bug tracker and confirm for yourself that bugs are being fixed daily. Every bugfix brings us one step closer to a final release. For a project with a one man development team (BrainSlayer) DD-WRT progresses at an amazing rate! We really shouldn't ask for anything more!
  9. lucid

    lucid Network Guru Member

    I second that. Really.

    Be patient and grateful; I think Brainslayer is a really determined guy when it comes to programming.
  10. birdman-c

    birdman-c Network Guru Member

    Wow buddy, with an attitude like that you belong on the Sveasoft forums. Brainslayer is doing this for FREE. He is not collecting a million bucks a year in subscription like sveacrap is. Plus, Brainslayers firmware is 1000% better.

    If you want a stable release so badly, why don't you take the time and do one for yourself? Myself and the others here will enjoy Brainslayers work just as it is... at his pace!
  11. techmanblues

    techmanblues Network Guru Member

    I am just curious on how many feature can one cram into the WRT54G (whichever version has the highest horse power and ROM and RAM) before it it cries no more? Is the 3MB limit still the max for the best enable of all the versions of the router? If the 3MB limit is true, just exactly why it is 3MB? Is it because the ROM cannot store more than 3MB of firmware, both the stock Linksys one and the supplimental one or the 3MB is how much RAM that one can load into it during operation? Has there been attempts to increase this limit by some clever and dangerous soldering?

    When version 23 goes Gold, and everything is good, we all should send BrainSlayer on a long vacation. All this coding must have driven him nuts. I know, I used to be a lone webmaster for some site a few years back.
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