What issue is this I'm having with DNS lookups on my laptop?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Sunspark, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Sunspark

    Sunspark LI Guru Member

    Hi guys, router is Tomato.. this issue has been present in nearly every version though I cannot remember if it existed in 1.07.

    Basically everything will work fine for an extended duration of time on this wireless laptop, but after a certain unknown point when I go to a website it will say in the browser 'Looking up www.google.com' or whatever and be stuck on that for what feels like ages before it then proceeds to load the page. It'll then work fine with all urls before after another unknown point it then chokes again and has to do a long slow lookup.

    I'd like to make this delay go away, but I don't know what the cause is in the first place!

    Anyone know?
  2. Kiwi8

    Kiwi8 LI Guru Member

    Are u doing P2P?
  3. Sunspark

    Sunspark LI Guru Member

    On occassion yes, but this delay can happen even when I haven't used it for days. What are you thinking?
  4. maheath

    maheath LI Guru Member

    Excactly the same thing happened here also after 19 days uptime - a reboot solved it. Could have something to do with dns/dnsmasq maybe? I use version 1.11
  5. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    I found that on XP and Win200x the MS DNS client goes haywire frequently, and I disable this as a standard now. The DNS client seems to not go out to the DNS server when it should. I you're using one of those OSs, disable the DNS client service and see how goes.
  6. FRiC

    FRiC LI Guru Member

    How do you disable the DNS client? And if you disable it, how is the OS going to look up names?
  7. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Go to Services - I think that's in Control Panel > Administrative Tools - and look for "DNS Client" (like that on XP). Double click it, and select "Startup type" as disabled, and also Stop the service.

    The DNS client on XP/200x is a just cache. The OS, or more specifically the IP stack, reads the required DNS stuff from the DNS server, and the so-called "DNS Client" then caches this info. When the OS asks for some DNS info, and the info is in the cache, it gets supplied from the cache. If the info is not in the cache, it asks the DNS server.

    It is this last step that seems to go haywire - the cache tells the OS "I, know that host name/IP address, and it's not available" (or whatever), but it never checks with the DNS server.

    If the DNS Client is disabled, the OS asks the DNS server everytime - no caching.

    MS seems to have brought this in to minimize internet DNS lookups. [I actually can't believe they worry about that while they communicate so much other useless garbage over the internet - fat HTLM and pictures on their sites, etc., etc..... I'm not ranting, just facting]. Anyway, as your local router already do the caching of internet DNS lookups for you, your PC just goes to your router (or rather the DNS server/cache on your router) when you re-lookup a DNS address, so no (slow) internet traffic anyway.
  8. FRiC

    FRiC LI Guru Member

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