What linksys products should I use for new wireless network?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by GeforceXtreme55, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. I am settings up a wireless network in a home/side office in the house. The house has Verizon DSL and I have to stick with the crappy Westlink modem/wireless router. However I found out today that the wireless build into these units are defective. A new unit is going to be shipped out to me, however I don't want to use this as my wireless router. So I plan to hook up a Linksys wireless G router to the switch on the Westlink, and use the linksys for the wireless. All that is setup in the main "house" by the wired computer. However I am going to need some pretty powerful wireless range to go out to a "side" garage where 3 wireless computers are going to be. I really want to setup the modem/router in that room because of there being alot more computers, however the phone number going out to that garage is different, and verizon won't work with it. So the unit must stay inside the house
    I was looking at the different types of wireless options. I am going with Wireless G, however should I get Wireless G with speedbooster, or with SRX technology? I think the SRX is newer and has a longer range, however they don't sell any USB adapters or range extenders that work with SRX? This is how my setup was going to be
    WRT54GX wireless router connected to westlink modem in house. Then out in the garage, a Linksys WRE54G wireless G Range Extender. Then in that same room, 3 USB WUSB54GS Linksys adapters. The problem with this is, the wireless extender doesn't support SRX, and the same with the USB adapters? I would setup a wireless bridge where the 3 computers are, but the 1 computer isn't that close to the other 2 computers in the same room. I would like to get all SRX stuff, but I think the PCI cars supporting SRX (being lower to the ground) won't pick up the signal as well as the USB ones. So what do you guys think? I need to find out ASAP.
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