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Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by alkizmo, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. alkizmo

    alkizmo LI Guru Member

    Hey guys, Im a first poster, but thats because Im a new linksys WRT54GL 1.1 owner. I never knew about the possibilities with linksys before I got interested in running my own asterisk server.

    Im willing to hardware mods since Im comfortable with that kind of stuff (did some on my laptop, old desktop, phone, you name it).

    >>>>> SD/MMC MOD

    - Does it allow me to install all my modules on it, with the firmware running alone on the ROM?

    - Would the SD/MMC be fast enough to run a simple 2-5 channel Asterisk server? With Voicemail and ULAW?

    - Can I add a 512mb or 1G SD/MMC card and run something like FreePBX on my WRT54GL? Just how MUCH can be ran on such mod?


    - Where is a guide on doing that?

    - Would I benefit from overclocking the CPU for just running the asterisk server mentioned above? Or is it only for people who run alot more?

    >>>>>> FIRMWARE

    - I've tried DD-WRT Micro and OpenWRT Micro on a WRT54GS that had 2mb ROM. I liked the DD-WRT because of the GUI, however I worry about the limited ROM (4mb) of the WRT54GL. With the SD mod, would this matter? If it doesnt matter, is there even a more GUI oriented firmware that would still allow running Asterisk? Or even BETTER! A complete package :p


    So you see, what Im looking for here is a server, not amplified wifi signal or special routing. The router part of that linksys will be minimal. I want to run Asterisk and keep a nice GUI since I suck at telnet command lines.

    Thanks guys, I hope to be able to be someone of help later on as I learn more how to handle the router. I got a lot of projects to do on it so Ill have no choice but to learn :p
  2. tekunix

    tekunix LI Guru Member

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