What should be my QOS setting with 4.20.7

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sfernan, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. sfernan

    sfernan Network Guru Member

    I am new to QOS and would like someone to help me fill in my QOS settings given the below params. I am using a V3 with 4.20.7 FW.

    Download ~ 4132 kbps or 500 KBps
    Upload ~ 651 kbps or 81 KBps
    VOIP - Vonage in Port 1
    PC - in Port 4
    Using Linksys firmware 4.20.7

    Should i do QOS based on device, ethernet or application priority. Currently I have vonage ports 10000 - 20000, 69, 5060-5061 forwarded to the VOIP adaptor. I am doing QOS application priority and i choose vonage with highest priority with 540 kbps (651 *.83) in the upload stream. I dont provide a specific port # (since i dont kno what to fill in).

    My problem is with the above settings, my bittorrent UPLOAD speeds stay between 50-60 KBps without using the phone. When i disable QOS, the upload speed fluctuates upto 80-90KBps.

    Thanks for all you help.
  2. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    I typed up an article on QoS, using my experience with the WRT54G series and Vonage, so you might find it handy. ;)


    I think in your case you are setting your upload too strict, but what you want to do is adjust numbers and test with:


    What you are tuning for is best speed with minimal to no "Discarded Packets" in the TestYourVoIP test.



    There is no need to forward ports. My WRTP54G doesn't have any ports forwarded to it.

    As to what I do - I use MAC Address priority. I have the Vonage device set to HIGHEST, my laptop and other devices set to MEDIUM, and the desktop I run BitTorrent on set at LOW. Then TCP/IP ports 80, 443, and a few others are set to MEDIUM so the BitTorrent machine can surf the web at reasonable speeds. Works flawlessly.

    WRT54G V4, HyperWRT Tofu 12 (Tofu 10 worked, too). No guarantees made that this will work on native firmware - I went straight to Tofu.
  3. sfernan

    sfernan Network Guru Member

    Thanks NateHoy..i followed your instructions on setting up the QOS. However, using testvoip my MOS score was always between 1.0 and 1.6 with QOS enabled and BT downloading. When i am not downloading, the highest score i got was 4.4. I tried different tweaks but could not get a good score with heavy BTing.
    But i made an outbound call (with heavy BT downloading) and the call was clear it seems. No cutting off. So QOS must be kicking in. With my old router I would get cut offs.

    Anyways, i will try with a custom firmware and see if my MOS gets better.
  4. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Keep in mind that if you are on the same computer as BitTorrent running testyourvoip, your score is pretty much going to stink anyway. The testyourvoip test is done from your computer, not your Vonage adapter, so whatever settings apply to your computer are what testyourvoip is using.

    You can help this a bit by setting TCP/IP Port 5060 to MEDIUM or HIGHEST.

    But, if your Vonage calls are crystal clear as heard by the person you are calling, then I think the problem is likely solved.
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