What should replace WRE54G another WRT54G or a WAP or ???

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by t5volvov70, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. t5volvov70

    t5volvov70 Network Guru Member

    What should replace the WRE54G in my network? Currently my network is pretty simple, but I’m losing speed since I’ve installed the WRE54G.

    After doing additional research on the linksys web site I found out that the wireless signal is cut in half on the range extender. To bad I didn’t see that before my purchase.

    I was wondering, Can I just get an additional WRT54G and connect it (wired). Then I would have the two WRT54G broadcast my wireless signal? Is this possible? What settings are required to allow this?

    If this is a bad idea, how about using the WAP54G to expend my wireless footprint?

    Any help would be appreciated. I've looked around and wasn't able to find a good answer for my situation.

    Take it easy on me. I consider myself a newbie!!


    WRT54G -------- wired desktop
    -------- wired desktop
    -------- wireless WRE54G (has created performance problems with laptop download)
    -------- wireless Laptop
    -------- wireless Print Server (poor signal and main reason for installing WRE)

    I’m running WRT54G V2 with WEP


    WRT54G -------- wired desktop
    -------- wired desktop
    -------- Wireless/Wired (WHAT SHOULD REPLACE THE WRE ????)
    -------- wireless Laptop
    -------- wireless Print Server
  2. WRE54G with WRT54G Router


    I just installed the same extender you did with the same router. In my two story house, the router is downstairs and the extender is upstairs. Have one desktop down and one desktop and laptop up. The signal down has always been all-bars (Excellent), but my up signal was never more than about 3-bars (Good). With the extender, I am geting Excellent up also.

    I did find something that might effect what you are doing. I downloaded the 46 page .pdf file from Linksys. It mentioned that if you turn off the exender, the far-away computers connect to the router, and wont switch back when you power up the extender. So, if you have been moving your extender around like I did, you will always see router. The manual also says to setup the extender on the computer near the router, and then move it to where you want it. Do that, then move your extender and power it up, and restart your far-away computer. When your computer powers up it will seek the network and find the extender, not the router. I was almost ready to take my extender back, when I read this. Unfortunately, the "simplified" instructions in the box are really "too simple". Hope this helps
  3. t5volvov70

    t5volvov70 Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the tip, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. I'm still getting slow performance.

    Quoted from Linksys/nb
    "The Range Expander will reduce the transmit rate to approximately half of the original source data rate transmission.

    For example, when the WRE54G detects a 54 Mbps connection with a WAP54G, WRT54G or WRT54GS, it will relay approximately half of the transmission rate to the wireless clients that are connected to it. In this case, the wireless client will connect at a
    speed of approximately 22 Mbps.

    Linksys link on Speed Considerations When Using WRE54G

    Any other ideas? I don't want to give up the speed of my Wireless network by using the WRE. I like the speed and I want to extend my wireless footprint. I can get to the otherside of my house via LAN, but what should I use instead of this goofy slow performance WRE to expend my WLAN????

  4. Ed50547

    Ed50547 Network Guru Member

    Replace the WRE54G with a WAP54G v2. Use the WAP54G in Repeater mode. That should increase the range without cutting the speed in half.
  5. t5volvov70

    t5volvov70 Network Guru Member

    IT WORKED!!! :cheer:

    The WAP54G is way better than the WRE54G. I have gained back all network speed.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Anyone want a WRE54G? :thumbdown:
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