what the heck happened? and how do i fix it?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by td0804, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. td0804

    td0804 Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G v2.04 - everything was working fine last night. All PCs connecting to one another and can access the interent - even one through a BEFSR41 that acts as a switch for more connections. This morning, all pcs can see one another - even the laptop that connects wirelessly through the WRT54G... but no PC can access the Internet through my cable modem. I direct connected a few pcs to the cable modem and they can access the internet, so the broadband isn't bad... i replaced the wire between the 54g & cable modem - that didn't work...what shoud i consider next?
    I wanted to call linksys but don't have their number and their website seems to be down...
  2. CodeMonkey

    CodeMonkey Network Guru Member

    Could be many things, same fix regardless

    A multi-port router still acts like a hub/switch even if the "router" functionality dies. I would do a hard reset to factory defaults and see if it works.

    -If it does, change minimal settings (password, encryption) and see if it will work for 48+ hours. If so, change any additional settings.

    -If it doesn't, it could need a firmware change or you could have a bad unit.
  3. brightdog

    brightdog Network Guru Member

    I'm in the same boat.....

    I've had the exact same thing happen to my WRT54G v2 a couple nights ago. I posted a question on the General Topics forum earlier today, but haven't gotten any responses.

    My router has been running fine for over a year and out of the blue it stopped routing traffic to the internet. In my case, my pcs that are connected to it can communicate with each other (if I hard code an ip address b/c DHCP isn't working either), but none of them can ping nor can I access the router config page.

    I tried a hard reset, but it didn't help. I'm stuck at this point and back to using my old BEFSR41, but I Really want my wireless back :sad:

    Seems that CodeMonkey is right that it's able to act as a switch just fine, but the router has gone out to lunch.

    Hopefully someone has seen this before and can offer some insight on how to solve it.


  4. td0804

    td0804 Network Guru Member

    What i'm struggling with now, is that this issue seems to be not just the WRT54g, but other HUBS as well.... As i mentioned in my earlier email, i had a befsr41 functioning as just a switch - i decided to reset it to factory defaults and have it function as a router - and had the same problem - can see other PCs, can't get out on the WAN port. I can't even PING an external site...
  5. td0804

    td0804 Network Guru Member

    my end resolution? i bought a DLINK wireless 54g router and it works fine. I was able to get me BEFSR41 to still act as a switch - no linksys product could act as a router. oh well
  6. ricsto2000

    ricsto2000 Guest

    This is very strange my wrt54G has developed the same problem at the same time as yours. No amount of resetting or reconfiguration has brought it back to life. It has stopped routing internet destined traffic but other than that it works fine.
    It complains about not being able to get address from PPPOE server. My config uses a DLINK DSL 300T configured as a bridge.

    Currently I've pulled the awful wag54G out the cupboard and it connects fine.
    I'm considering configuring the DLINK out of bridge into pppoe

    It's all very strange as I've not needed to to touch my setup for months as it has been faultless.

    Anybody throw any light on this problem?
  7. Nalle

    Nalle Network Guru Member


    I have heard that the WRT54G V.2.xx has some problems with the firewall in Windows XP SP2, so try to deactivate the Windows firewall.

    It's worth a try, I don't know if it's working.
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