What Tomato Version to Use?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by redflagger, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. redflagger

    redflagger LI Guru Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Lately, when i'm downloading torrents, I can't surf anymore, pages just won't load (times out). I'm looking to upgrade my firmware with Tomato on my WRT54GL (currently using stock firmware). What version should I use? I remember reading that there were issues with v1.10, can anyone recommend a version that's more stable? Will QoS solve my problem and allow me to surf and download torrents at the same time?

  2. Maggard

    Maggard LI Guru Member

    To my knowledge there haven't been any "showstopper" issues in any of the Tomato releases. Edge-cases, special needs, but nothing general users would notice. Thus the latest version of Tomato has reliably been 'the best'.

    As to your torrenting issues, first check if you're running into a limitation intentionally introduced by Microsoft into WinXP SP2. If you haven't patched your networking stack or throttled back your client to accommodate it's brokeness then messing about with your router won't be any use. See your client's help files for how to resolve this.

    That aside, yes, QOS will manage your network traffic and prevent your various activities from starving eachother.

    Low number ports have specific services assigned to them (DNS lookups, email protocols, web protocols, etc.) and are usually given high priority. Conversely high number ports, such as typically used for p2p, are usually given lower priority. Thus your web browsing and emails go through quickly while p2p activities may be momentarily delayed. Furthermore with bandwidth boundaries set QOS can ensure that your connection doesn't become saturated (and require wasteful retransmits.)

    Or, the short answer is that Tomato is better then what came with your WRT54GL and with just it's default options will improve your online experience. With a few minutes of configuring for your specific situation & needs it can greatly improve your online experience.

    BTW, what does "flagging red" mean to you?
  3. redflagger

    redflagger LI Guru Member

    The limitation you refer to by Microsoft into WinXP SP2, do you mean limiting my upload speeds? Not sure what exactly you mean and which "client" help files I should be looking into
  4. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    WinXP has a tcpip stack that limits it to 10 half open connections per second. utorrent defaults to 8 / sec.. so you still have 2 for browsing and other needs, you'll get 4226 messages in logs as indication.

    Vista Ultimate is 25, I believe. you can patch it if you like, otherwise it won't affect you too much once everything gets going, these are "half-open" connections. NOT actual connections.

  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    v1.10 is the latest tomato and usually the latest is the best to use. as regards to Torrents. have you limited at all the torrent program from taking all you bandwidth? (upload and download) if you have not then try limiting first of all you upload speed leaving you sufficient bandwidth for you other programs.
  6. der_Kief

    der_Kief Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I think you missed that v1.11 is the latest tomato ;-)

    install latest tomato v1.11 ;-) configure QoS the right way, than look for xp-antispy and patch the tcpip.sys. This should do the trick.

  7. dvd-guy

    dvd-guy Guest

    I never patched my tcpip.sys and have had no problems with BT. I download consistently at 90% of my max download speed using QoS in Tomato.
  8. redflagger

    redflagger LI Guru Member

    so I flashed it with v1.11 last night and everything seems to be ok, except for the wireless. My wireless seems to connect to the router, I see the connection, but when I try to surf the pages do not load in my browser. It will occasionally try to load a page halfway, then it stops and quits loading. Would it have anything to do with the channel that i'm using?
  9. Maggard

    Maggard LI Guru Member

    Bittorrent (& many other p2p applications) typically open a large number of connections quickly. Thus some p2p apps will ‘choke’ WinXP SP2 (& to a lessor extant Vista), other p2p apps have been default-configured to avoid this. See your p2p app’s help files on configuring it (or your OS) for your particular environment.

    Optimally configuring your p2p app (or any application) is always the best strategy, even more then any settings on the router.

    Setting up QOS on your router will further manage your network traffic. The Tomato defaults work quite well. Setting your p2p to a lower priority, or time-sensitive connections like VOIP to higher, are probably the most common adjustments.

    Tomato by default has nearly the same characteristics as your stock Linksys wireless settings. Thus without manually changing settings it should be a drop-in replacement. If you’re having channel problems try using whatever channel you previously used. Also consider rebuilding your wireless connection settings, just in case there was a change.

    Failing those how to pick the best channel is pretty well documented online, do a quick search to find directions.
  10. chadrew

    chadrew LI Guru Member

    I'd guess you used default firmware before Tomato. When I tried it, I had same problem with web pages and p2p. The reason I think, was that router limited the maximum connections to a low number. And there was no way to change that in default firmware. I played around max connection limits, and really, setting them around 500 or lower caused that problem. Tomato automatically sets 2048 and it's fine :biggrin:
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