what tools like netstumbler can use for wap54 in win32? HELP

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by handyaswan, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. handyaswan

    handyaswan Network Guru Member

    what tools like netstumbler can use with wap54 at windows XP??
    i was see kasmit, but this tools very compleceted / not simply tools.

    any body know others tools can be use with wap54??
  2. Tiva

    Tiva Network Guru Member

    do you have any link for the kasmit program ?
  3. wifistiens

    wifistiens Network Guru Member

    I don't know any tools wich can measure the signal when using a WAP , of course you can use netstumbler on a laptop to measure the output signal , but measuring the recieving signals on a WAP can only be done with the "site survey" button in the WAP menu itself ... ( only available on the latest firmware's ...

    You can also check the recieving signal from a wap in client or bridge modus remotely , by using a special url ... but I can't remember it now , will have to check it when I get home ...

  4. wifistiens

    wifistiens Network Guru Member

    type /site.asp behind the IP adress of your WAP. now you can see all available Networks in Range and you canm see the signal Quality, SSID and MAC adress ...

    That was it ... thanks to some other post on this forum ...
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