What uses for multiple Tomato routers?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by occamsrazor, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. occamsrazor

    occamsrazor Network Guru Member

    First I had a Buffalo WHR-G54S, then I got an Asus WL-500GPv2, now I have a Linksys E3000 on the way.... so my question is, what use to put the older routers to?

    The power supply on my Asus recently failed, and I have to say it was very handy having the WHR-G54S with Tomato all setup and ready to go as a backup device.

    Other things I can think of:

    VPN: Use one as a remote VPN client, connecting from my office to my home. But then I can do that with software OpenVPN client anyway, it doesn't add much for me (as a single user).

    WiFi WDS: But my router generally covers my whole apartment anyway.

    DD-WRT: Put that on one and use it solely for running some of teh extra functionality/service that DDWRT has.

    What other uses do people find for their older but still functioning routers?
  2. phuque99

    phuque99 LI Guru Member

    You might want to keep at least 1 around as spare. The E3000 is hard to recover from a bad firmware flash (ie. bad experimental compile). TFTP method wasn't usable to recover it.
  3. occamsrazor

    occamsrazor Network Guru Member

    Eek. Did it end up bricked, did you recover it in the end?
    For sure I will keep one as a "known-working" backup router, but I don't need 2 backups.
    The E3000 does seem to be a bit experimental, but I got it for the dual-band wireless and also as a VPN user, I find the NVRAM on e.g. my Asus Wl-500GPv2 to be almost full, so the 60k NVRAM is a nice addition.
  4. phuque99

    phuque99 LI Guru Member

    I manage to get an RMA replacement for it. The E3000 wouldn't accept the original Linksys FW or any of the pre-compiled extras Tomato built that were 6MB in size. Transfers were terminated with errors and I read that TFTP firmware files should be less than 4MB.

    A known "mini" that was working previously would complete the TFTP process but the router never recovered after a successful upload.
  5. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    The problem of NVRAM space running out is actually being worked on, a solution is close but has some teething troubles.
  6. occamsrazor

    occamsrazor Network Guru Member

    I was reading that thread on the tomatousb forum. Are you saying people are looking at a way to increase the NVRAM on existing routers like WL-500GPv2, or just a way to allow a single build to work on routers with varying NVRAM sizes?

    I hope so. I just checked my NVRAM on WL-500GPv2:
    817 entries, 32265 bytes used, 503 bytes free.
    Lack of NVRAM space is already preventing me from running the second VPN Server, and adding various scripts...
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